Elections in 5 states: an Overview

 Elections are said to be the festivals of democracy, where all of us celebrate our right to vote and choose our own ruler. Every time there is an election, graph of political activities in our country races towards peak. Same thing happened when last month election commission declared the dates for upcoming elections in 5 states. Political activities were already creating a lot of heat in these states, but the declaration of dates set the mercury rising in chilling winters of North India.

Voters of 5 Indian states namely UPPunjabUttaranchal Goa and Manipur are all set to choose their representatives in the elections dated from 27th January to 3rd March. The curtains to the act will be dropped on 6th of March with the declaration of results. All the parties are already trying to lure voters by various promises and declarations. Where Mayawati promised to divide the state in 4 parts, congress tried to catch votes by declaring packages for weavers and Muslim quota reservations, SP has promised free water for farmers. In Punjab the events have taken interesting turn after rift in Badal Family and BJP asking Akali dal not to support central government’s proposal over FDI in retail. In Uttaranchal BJP is trying to capitalize its achievements in state and Lokpal Bill that it has got passed by state legislature, where as congress is trying to tell voters about the inefficiency of BJP chief ministers due to which BJP has to bring Khanduri as its new chief minister 6 months prior to the election. In Manipur stalemate situation between Kuki and Naga groups over creation of new district will have impact over election. Demand for the removal of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) will also play an emotional role to distract voters away from the ruling congress party.

As the elections approach various alliances are also formed for maximizing the votes. In Manipur Nationalist Congress Party and Janta Dal (United) have formed a pre-poll alliance against the ruling congress, where as in Uttar Pradesh Congress has formed alliance with Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal and offered him aviation Ministry in Union Government. BJP and Akali Dal are already in an alliance in Punjab and will be contesting this election again joining hands. Another major factor that can be decisive during these elections is going to be anti corruption and Lok Pal bill, where congress in Union is claiming that Lokpal bill couldn’t be passed because of the parties in opposition, opposition parties are claiming that what congress was trying to introduce was an toothless Lokpal Bill and it would have done only harmed the democracy. Population of all these 5 states combined is around 37 crores which is 30% of the total population of India. These elections can be said to indicate the mood of nation in case there is a mid term poll for union government, and that is the major reason all the parties want to get maximum out of these elections. Till then whole of the nation is sitting with its fingers crossed waiting for the results.

Posted by Preeti Malhotra


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