The Broken Thread of Indian society

 Do you remember the scene from the Hindi Movie “Paa” where the young politician Amol Arte (Abhishek Bachchan) comes to Auro’s (Amitabh Bachchan) school as a Chief Guest. He comes on the occasion of a competition on the “visionary of India”. Amol declares Auro as the winner, impressed by the white globe he made and it was his (Amol’s) perception. Forget about the world because that would be beyond reach; just imagine if this vision is ever possible for India alone? What stops us from achieving this dream? Let’s have a look at the few probable reasons:

As a multi-cultural, largest democracy of the world and a population of 1.2 billion, we still lack basic sense of law and order and this goes both ways. We as the people of India on a daily average basis break the law (read traffic rules, bribes, corruption) and in return we receive the same from the elected rulers (no freedom of expression, no timely judgement, religious biases etc). A perfect give and take situation! The attacks, the rapes, the bans are all discussed on social networking sites and media. Few opinions thrown here and there, few candle marches and dharnas, few of us get the wanted/unwanted attention too. But the end result is simply “Nothing”. What and where do we lack? Just give it a thought…

With the technological advancement only in terms of number of mobiles we as Indians own (10 million users as of now) and the 28% of our population in the age group of 10-24 years, are we preparing ourselves enough to celebrate the potential of our being? Lack of colleges and higher education facilities, superfluous production of engineers with no employability skills, indifference towards the vocationalization of education, so on and so forth. On the top of all this, the cultural panorama of our society is so conflicting that the adolescents of today are in complete dilemma. While they know how to express their opinions and ask for their rights from parents, the basics of emotional quotient are missing due to non-supporting environment at home. Aping the West is easy but do we follow all the good things or are we selective to what suits us the best? Just give it a thought…

Am I too negative or I just jolted your conscience? Do you have a lot to agree or disagree to my opinion? I am very sure; each one of you has a comment to make or express your good or not so good opinion. So, don’t wait and get started. If I am able to get all the 2.5 million internet users or 10 million facebook users of India to have an opinion on this article, I am sure the broken thread of our society will be woven once again. Just one humble request to all the readers. Stay away from all the cuss words and keep the discussion healthy. Afterall “Sanskar” bhi koi cheez hai. And who knows may be our dream of the “White Globe” might start to turn into reality with this unity of ours. After all, the lesson of non-violence was taught by us to the world.


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