Narendra Modi’s Impressive Economic Policies for India

 Under the leadership of India’s one of the most popular Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the country’s economic growth story has been most interesting. After his unprecedented win in the last Lok Sabha elections, India’s economic development has been the area of focus. Since Narendra Modi has taken over, the Indian economy has shown positive signs of revival. Following his economic vision, major economic reforms are being brought about both in the policies and Governance. Apart from restoring the upward growth model, Modi is also focused on building a strong global outlook for the country.

The world has never been so optimistic about any other Indian leader than Modi. In his first few months of leadership, Narendra Modi has proved to the World and its Nation that he is a man with a vision. He has come up with amazing result oriented policies like building brand ‘India’ with the help of five Ts – Talent, Tradition, Trade, Tourism and Technology.

He aims to bring about Tax reforms that will lead to an increase in the country’s GDP. He intends to come up with Tax friendly policies for businesses in India and also, establish new mechanisms to clear the path for easy trade within and with the country.

He has also, highlighted the goal to bring about land reforms. Steps have been enlisted to recreate the agricultural set-up of the country, which is a major contributor in country’s GDP.

Privatization of the various state owned industries and Public-Private Partnerships at various fronts of national interest would be seen in the near future. Steps to implement the above have already been initiated – Private investments in the Coal industry have began, FDI limit has been increased for a lot of industries and investment has been opened for a few others.

Expansion of infrastructure, decline in the rate of inflation, greater job opportunities, minimum corruption, women empowerment, honest Governance are also primary areas of emphasis. ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ and other such movements are all steps to succeed in the set ambition of soaring high in the race of being a developed nation.

Modi’s policies also target to improve the productivity of the manufacturing segment of the country. Hopes in the deteriorating segment have been lit by the latest ‘Make in India’ campaign. The campaign has gained the desired attention while generating awareness and enthusiasm for Indian products.Modi believes that the above stated goals can only be achieved by empowering the system and decentralization of Power among the people. While projecting his economic development model, Modi has clearly stated that his Government will concentrate of outcomes and measurable benefits that will be derived post implementation of the policies.

Modi truly believes that India can become a global ‘SuperPower’. According to him, we need to leverage the existing resources to gain efficiency and create opportunities to achieve progress both at a social and economic level.

Posted by Nidhi Arora


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