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 Love is a beautiful feeling that inspires a person to be good and do well; in fact, it is a feeling without which we all cannot survive. Love has many forms of its manifestation; like, love between parents and the child, love between couples, brother and sister, between friends and so on and in its each manifestation it seems just so wonderful and unique. Love is a feeling that unites us with others, that gives us a sense of belongingness with others. And this belongingness only; defines love and gives it a meaning. We all do love and express it in many ways one such a way is celebrating the Valentine’s Day on which we all express our deep love and regards for our beloveds and loved ones. In fact a week before the Valentine’s Day; is dedicated to different celebrations, like Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, and so on, but ultimately the reason behind celebrating these days is just and just to show our love, affection and passion for our loved ones. We want to show that how much deeply we love our beloved, how much deeply we feel the connection with our loved ones and how much regards we give to them.

The affectionate connection with the other person makes us do so many special things for him/her, a valentine is a person whom we admire, adore and love very much, but is it necessary that a valentine should always be a human entity or a person? I know I am raising a complex question, but the point I actually want to raise over here is that; does love and regard should only be shown to the human being whom we love? Cannot it be shown to the motherland that has been guarding and beholding us for ages? I feel, the motherland is one such entity in this world that deserves the most to become one’s valentine, and the one who makes the country his/her valentine is the wisest and a compassionate person. Our country has given us bountiful reasons to feel proud of it, it has given all of us a unique Identity of being the ‘Indians’; foreign people literally crave to take birth in this pious and holy country that possesses a vast heritage of culture and traditions. We all owe to God that he gave us birth in this sacred land of great saints and thinkers and we moreover owe to our very own India that despite of its huge diversity has hold us together in one single identity of being an Indian or ‘Bharatiya’.

Our country is so great that any gesture of regard would be less to show the gratitude for it and I think the young generation or the youth of India can better connect themselves with whatever I am saying here and would also agree with me. The young generation has fresh ideologies and should welcome this very idea that country should also be treated as a Valentine that deserves our attention, compassion and respect. After the parents it is the country that bestows us so much without asking anything in return, and the young generation should feel and respect that magnanimity of the country. Giving regards to the loved ones and showing benevolence towards them is very obvious but showing love and salutation to the country is something that we all ought to do. Why country comes at last and all others at first? In fact the youth of our country should come forward to show their passion and zeal to do something worthy for it they should become great lovers of the country that their love becomes an inspiration for the people of other countries. So that other feel astonished to see the love and passion of the Indians for their motherland and they also learn, that even the country could be loved with so much depth and thankfulness.

Only the youth of India can bring a change in the old ideologies and only they have the high spirit in them to serve the country at first. Ask the great patriots, soldiers; for them the country is their first valentine whom they love so intensely they have always wished to serve the nation and its people. The country is their beloved and so it should be for the rest of us. although our expression of love for the motherland should not be dependent on any particular day rather it should come out naturally in our thoughts and actions and it should also not be restricted to any rule or regulation.

So, let us celebrate the forth coming Valentine’s Day with our very own beloved; our own Country, lets pledge that besides giving huge bouquets of flowers to our beloved partner/loved ones we would also keep a flower in the remembrance, love and salutation for our motherland. Let’s plan that besides saying three beautiful words; “I Love You” to the loved ones we would also say the two most inspiring word to them; “Jai Hind”. Nothing better than this, can accomplish the celebration of Love on the Valentine’s Day so let’s rejoice this day of Love by making the country our Valentine. I Love India !

Posted by Jyotsna Gandhi


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