Power of the youth

 When I was asked to write an article about the power of the Indian youth, believe me; I felt like that someone has asked me to evaluate my own power and potentialities and that, what can I do for my country that helps it to grow and flourish? We all know that the youth possesses all the power and possibilities to bring transformation and prosperity for the nation, likewise has been firmly believed by our very own Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji who envisages a bright future for India through the endeavours of the Youth. The youth constitutes a 34% of the total population which is not meagre to let accomplish and implement the desired goals and aspirations in the favour of our nation. The youth represents the awakened people of the country, who are open-minded, enlightened, and charismatic and embody the leadership qualities.

There is no doubt that if the power of the youth is directed in a right manner, if they are provided the better opportunities and the right environment, the dream of having a developed and a wealthy nation will sooner become the reality. But the irony is this that the youth is one of the underdeveloped and deprived sections of the population, they have ideas but not the medium to profess the same, they do have potential but not the platform to prove it, they are capable enough but do not have the opportunities with them. Thus, I wish with the arrival of the New Year, the new government can serve the youth with better and sufficient opportunities so that the youth in return can contribute to the development and growth of the country.

The younger generation has the incredible competency that it can dare to make our India; a nation free from all the social and political prejudices, they have the power of thoughts and great ideas that can lay down a new foundation for new dogmas and practices, they are enthusiastic to bring economic growth for the country, and they have the conviction to bring structural changes in the governance as well. Their contributions just cannot be neglected and not even the possibilities that can help them to do something worthy for the country, they can bring advancement in different spheres and can do remarkably well at the social, political and economic levels. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing about the significant changes and improvements that the youth can bring-forth in the different areas of India.


The Youth at the Social Level : as we all are aware of the fact that our Indian society has been struggling with many of the social issues, paradoxes and social hoaxes for a long time back but only awareness is not enough what we all want a solution against those issues. As far as my knowledge says when we talk about relying upon the power of the Youth is actually not a wrong belief, in fact, youth has the power to bring transformation and solutions against the big social issues that our society has been facing. The greatest weapon of the youth in the present scenario that can stimulate the orthodox social dogmas and practices is; their Education. Youth has the power of education in their hands with which they can not only reshuffle the dull foundation of social dogmas but can also bring a drastic social change in the minds of the people at large. With education the youth can spread awareness, alertness about the social practices that are hindering the growth of the society.

The young generation has the power of enthusiasm and volunteering, they have the zeal to work upon the social problems, and they want to work at the grass-root level so that the root-cause can be extinguished once for all. The youth is now getting in form to resolve the social issues of our society and that is why in the recent times we have observed that a huge number of young individuals are joining hands with many of the social organizations, they are volunteering to work with those NGOs whose objectives are to bring resolutions for the social issues. The youth of today wants to see their society and the country to progress and with their positive spirit they can surely bring social development.

The Youth at the Political level: the young generation has a splendid power of Leadership and Great Thoughts, they better know that they are living in a democratic country where they need not to be authoritative rather being empathetic. The young and educated youth of the country better understand the flaws of the past and the current governance and undoubtedly have some better ideas and solutions to bring new prospects in the same. They just need to be heard and demand an environment where they can freely express their views. The youth very well understand their power of participation in politics and in the recent times they have also made a profound use of this power, a large number of young individuals have come up at the front stage and have become politically active not because they seek any political position or prestige but because they literally want to see their country to grow and become politically stable, they now want to take the hold at the political front and want to make our very own India; a corruption free nation.

Not only the young people who are in politics but also every young individual of India is now aware of his/her political rights they know well when and how to utilize this power. Youth has the power to express their views over the national and international issues in a peaceful manner; their insightful ideas are enough sensible to bring political harmony between the nations. Young generation is the future of the country and they are ready to represent a better India in front of the other nations of the world.

The Youth at the Economic level : the minds of the young generation are flooded with innovative ideas which can bring huge prosperity and further make India a wealthy and a developed country. Our country has been based on the rural economy, agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts, pottery, carpentering are some of the mediums to earn money in the rural economy. This is really admirable on the part of the youth that many of the young individuals are now entering into entrepreneurship and trying to utilize their caliber and ideas in order to bring structural changes and advancement in the Indian trade and commerce and also for raising the national income, there are many of the young entrepreneurs who have been emerged as the deities of occupations for many of the poor and small families residing in the villages and remote areas.

This has also strengthened the rural economy; by providing occupations to labourers and workers the rural families are now able to earn a good livelihood. Many of the young people have rather chosen to utilize the great heritage of the natural resources of the country and tried to use the talent and skills of the people for the benefit of the society at large, they have open up small home-based business for young illiterate women of villages who are not only earning livelihood but also feel empowered.

It is certainly not wrong to believe in the power of the youth and their actions, India is now changing and has reached a point where it welcomes no absurdity rather awaits the young generation to come up and take the charge in their hands. Gone are the days when we all have got used to of seeing India being exploited by the sluggish, corrupted and disloyal politicians and bureaucrats but now the things are not the same, the administration, bureaucracy and governance of India is inviting the young blood to prove their worth and become active and a proud citizen of the country. The time has come to act and prove that, the youth of India is not lazy, they are not even erratic, but they are rather aware, passionate and determined people of the country who will show how to make the best use of the opportunities.

Posted by Jyotsna Gandhi


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