Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: An Initiative Taken Better Late Than Never

We belong to a nation that is much popular for its natural beauty and for a rich heritage of biological diversity (rich and diverse strains of flora and fauna). Each one of us have heard and also seen the magnanimous grace and beauty of our country. In fact, India possesses a rich heritage of beautiful places, landscapes, lakes, hills and a whole lot of natural site scenes. But, in the past few years this beautiful picture of India has got tinted with some quite not so good colors. At one hand if I feel proud of the amazing loveliness of my country then on the other I also cannot deny the degraded conditions of the ecosystem and the environment of the same.

If I can elaborate over the authentic natural beauty of my nation then at the same time I feel truly disappointed at the worsening condition of its environment. One just cannot ignore the stinky nasty odour of garbage, hills of garbage at the roadsides, craps littered on the roads, dirty pit falls, open sewer lines, dirty drainages, public urination spots and many other nuisances which are enough to spoil the winsome image of a naturally beautiful country like ours. The irony of the present time is that we have become so much habitual of living in the dirty places surrounded by craps, litters and poorly hygienic conditions that we are not even being bothered to change this very problem. It seems as if we have fully accepted the fact that India cannot become a clean country. Even the tourists coming from the abroad believe this fact that Indians have the capability of living in unhygienic, dirty and nasty places. But this is, truly a shame and should not be accepted so easily.

However, it is the responsibility of each of the Indian to keep the motherland clean and pure but this idea has recently taken a form of a big initiative conducted by our very own Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji. He has very seriously proposed the idea of keeping the nation clean and healthy in front of us. And soon it has also taken a form of a campaign against uncleanliness in the country. It has been popularly known as the “Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan” that has very early gained people’s consent and participation. Right from a child, officials to even celebrities everyone is giving their go-ahead to this campaign and have been actively involved in the same.

Schools, colleges, offices, community, neighbourhood at every level people are so enthusiastically participating in the aforesaid campaign. And i can sense, that why people have shown so much of enthusiasm and good spirit for this campaign because after all we all human beings love cleanliness and adore beauty. Somewhere we all are now fed up of this filthiness and also above all the impact of environmental degradation looks so devastating that we are left with no other option except joining our hands for making our country clean and bright. But sometimes we feel so much trapped in a web that escaping it seems completely impossible and then the role of power and authority comes into the picture. The people sitting in the authority and bureaucracy should sensitize the environmental issues.

In the recent times the people of the country have mistreated the environment and the natural resources to a major extent that has created a disastrous impact on their lives only. Our ecological -balance has been immensely disturbed, and at the local level people are facing major issues like; Pollution, land degradation, poor sanitation, unhygienic conditions, water degradation and etc. slums and villages are the hot spots where these issues are easily visible. But still the government of India has not lost the hope yet, that is why this Swacchta Abhiyaan has come up as a ray of hope to bring betterment in the country. But there are still some factors that need a serious consideration.

Swacchta Abhiyaan would be incomplete and rather might go in vain if the people of the country would keep on seeing its significance at the superficial level only. The minds of the people should also be changed and cleaned up at the mental level, at first. If one citizen of the country is giving his/her 100% participation in this campaign, picking up the craps from the streets, putting the garbage in the dustbin, not littering craps on the roads and so on, but at the same time if another person is throwing crap on the roads, spitting, urinating on the roadsides then this campaign actually becomes meaningless and the true efforts of the first person would also go as a waste. Thus, people should be made aware at a large scale about the importance of cleanliness in their towns, cities and the country. It is not a one man’s job rather it is a collective effort. Each of the citizens must be determined to make the country clean and not only a few.

As long as there would be shortage of sanitation and hygiene facilities people would surely continue to live in unhygienic places and conditions thus, Swacchta Abhiyaan would again be meaningless if people are not getting better living and sanitation facilities from the Government. Nevertheless, this Swacchta Abhiyaan has begun at the very right time, when everyone is presuming a better future, a new Bharat, a campaign like this becomes a step further in the ladder of improvement.

Posted by Jyotsna Gandhi 


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