If Fair is Lovely, Dark Is Beautiful!

We all are different and unique in terms of the attributes which we possess both physical and psychological. And when we all are different, comparisons of any kind cannot be made between each other on any basis. Still we tend to make comparisons among each other which are most of the times physical based. Physical comparison is primarily based on physical appearance that we further define as either beautiful or ugly/ pretty or average. We consider too much on how do we look, how much attractive and compelling one looks, how much beautiful face does one possesses and we even tend to be biased for the skin color of each other! In this article we are more attentive towards discussing the comparison made on a color basis. We differentiate people on the basis of their skin color, that always  is different and unique to each one of us. Some of us have fair or white skin color and some have a dark or whitish skin color.

For a long period of time people have been differentiating themselves on the basis of their skin colors. And also for ages, the fairer colored people have been given utmost appreciation and treated with respect whereas the people with dark skin have been subjected to under-estimation and with not so much of concern and respect. Especially in the vivid country like India, we have developed the notion that our physical appearance is an indispensable factor to earn recognition, respect and acceptance in the society. Having a dark skin color has been very challenging feature in the Indian society, there are many examples present in the Indian history in  which  the people with darker skin color became a part of many physical discriminations, comparisons and sometimes harassment. Eventually people with dark skin color tend to feel themselves as inferior and reluctant and also lack self esteem and confidence. They begin to believe that life is a real struggle for them and being dark in color is the most ridiculed thing that could happen to them. They become possessive and overwhelmed to prove their worth in life and feel that they have to work real hard to convince the people out there about their existence.

In India, this notion has basically been developed under the influence of western culture and westernization. However this is also a very big fact that dark skin is healthier than the white skin due to many benefits which are scientifically proven as well. But on the contrary mostly Indians deliberately wish to have fairer skin color. The majority of Indian women is found to believe in such color biased comparisons. For most of the women particularly the young girls prefer to have fairer color, pretty face and beautiful skin. Their self-esteem is directly influenced by the way they look or by their physical appearance. This color conscious bias is now widely spread not only among women but the men also. Everyone wants to look beautiful and handsome, wants to be appreciated and applauded for a beautiful face and fairer colors. And eventually the one belief that has been emerging in most of the people is that that only a fair skin color can make a face look prettier and attractive. There is so much of the commercialization of this notion in the Indian commercial field. Numerous of brands have been launched having a variety of cosmetics and beauty products which damn assure both the women and men to spell their magic on a dark skin color to turn it into white and fair.

 This dark and white concept has now been so much flared up that people are actually raising their voices for equality and acceptance of their dark skin colors. They are raising voice against the prejudices and discriminations which they have to face at every level of work and their personal lives. Why they have to face so many of ‘difference’ and ‘inferior treatment’ because of their mere dark skin colors? Campaigns like ‘Dark Is Beautiful’ has become a voice of those numerous people who have been facing differences and awful reactions of people for their dark skin color. Actually this is the right and high time to raise the voice against such baseless notions and beliefs prevalent among the people of the society. I mean where are we heading to, and what futuristic aspirations can we anticipate from the people who are rather more concerned with the skin color of other human beings than to look towards their skills, talents and specialties? And most importantly the question which we are trying to deal with in this article is; Is the fair skin color really a determinant of  raising the self-esteem and self-confidence? Can a fairer skin color assure all the success and accomplishments in life?

Well, somewhere we all know the answer of the above questions but we still behave so immature to continue such comparisons, differences and continue to delegate our self-esteem to the physical factors. We continue to believe in inferiority, we continue to struggle in search of attention and appreciation and we continue to hear the unwelcome tags/nicknames others give us in regard of the darker skin color. But till when? This displeasing and unwished- for cycle has to be ceased. We talk big things about harmony, cooperation, friendliness, development and growth and act so small by being judgmental about the skin color of the other person whom we are meeting and working with! People must understand that may it be white or black, it is not the skin color rather it is the thoughts and actions of a person bring him respect and acceptance among others. It is really demeaning to judge and evaluate a person on the basis on his/her skin color. People deliberately need to have a brain wash that makes them see only the distinct skin color and make them ignore of the specialties one possesses.

Feel Blessed To Have A Dark Skin : sometimes it is better to know the importance of something we have the greatest regret for. Why to regret for having a darker skin color? We all have different skin colors and that is what makes each one of us unique. And moreover it is better to cherish and realize the importance of the dark color. I am sure if we truly know the benefits of having a dark skin color at least no person with dark color would wish to change it in other skin tone. Basically the pigment in the skin called Melanin is responsible to bring a dark skin color but this pigment actually has got many positive features which make the dark skin healthier in comparison of a fairer skin. We can count many advantages of this pigment on our fingertips. The most important benefit the pigment Melanin gives is the protection of the skin from the damaging UV rays coming from the sun. Melanin immensely helps in overcoming the harmful effects of sunburn and in fact it protects the skin from having a bad sunburn. This pigment provides a better resistance from heat or cold also. The biggest advantage of having a dark skin is that that this skin is asserted to be safer or at a lower risk of developing a skin cancer in comparison to a fairer skin. The melanin provides higher immunity against many micro-bacterial infections and diseases. And last but not the least this pigment helps the women with dark skin color to look younger for a longer time because it has the property to guard the skin against the early damaging signs of aging like deep wrinkles, roughness of skin and age spots. Having a dark skin is not a drawback rather a benefit that protects the skin from so many unwanted aging effects for quite a long time and also from many infectious diseases of the skin. People with white skin are found to be more prone to many skin diseases and skin tanning issues whereas a dark skin is more resistant and safe. Hence, there is no need to regret for your dark skin color, in fact it is a reason to feel good about.

Success Seeks Great Actions Not A Fair Skin Color : and now if you think that being dark in color pulls you back from achieving big things in life, let me introduce you to such various great personalities who have accomplished great success in their lives despite their dark skin color. These people have proved to the world that success has nothing to do with your dark skin, it all seeks your great actions and determination. However these great people with darker skin color had to face many ill treatments and discriminations in the society but still they tried their best to survive among such differences. And their actions and achievements proved their worth in all around the world. Nelson Mandela is one such person who became the first black (having darker skin) President of South Africa and became a proud winner of more than hundreds of meritorious awards which include the Noble Prize for Peace as well. He had a significant role in the abolition of apartheid. Barack Obama is the most famous black lawyers and the first ever African-American to lead and serve the United States as the most influential leader and as the President. He has set a big example of inspiration and motivation for the people of not only US but all around the world. Rosa Parks is popularly known as the ‘mother of the freedom movement’. The brave acts of this lady resulted in the end of the race discriminations in America, she fought for the civil rights of the blacks in the United States. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all the time. Michael Jackson, well known as the King of Pop. He has been globally renowned and recognized for his marvelous contribution in music and dance. Toni Morrison, the first black lady to become the Noble Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning Author. Her novel Beloved won many awards and recognition around the world. Oprah Winfrey, globally known for her famous talk show ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. Her talk show has a worldwide viewership she is not just a host of the show but she is also an actress and philanthropist. In fact she has been considered as the greatest black philanthropist in the American history. She is the only African-American lady among the 400 richest people of America. A.R Rehman, globally recognized as one of the most famous music directors. He has worked for numerous music concerts and projects across the world. Nandita Das, popularly known as an aesthetic actress of Indian cinema and also a super active social activist. She has been the one actress who since entering the Indian cinema has fought the battle of dark and fair. She has always stood proudly about her dark skin. Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Konkana Sen are few women who have set an example of beauty with brain, talent and dark skin color.

Polish Your Heart Not Your Face : at a seminar on marketing responsibility in Mumbai once Nandita Das referred to the audience and said the she finds the fairness ads immensely demeaning for the character of a woman. She further added that she has seen many women who have used fairness creams for more than ten years and yet their dark skin color has not been changed a bit that further affects their self-confidence. Skin color is not something that can be changed and why there should be a need to change it?

Nevertheless, only those people would wish to change their dark skin color who fix up their happiness and achievements with their skin color. The moment we understand that it is not the face but the thoughts and actions which influence the people that moment we would rather begin to work upon our mind and heart and not the face. It is most important to give respect to all what do we possess. Applying fairness products would not do wonders with your dark skin color but if one polishes the mind and heart with virtuous thoughts then it would certainly bring good things for him/her. Nurturing the mind and heart with great virtues, knowledge, education and ideologies is most important. Facial beauty is temporary and it is also not certain that everyone admires your face and fairer skin color but a beautiful heart and mind live forever and always win everyone’s heart.

Talents Bring Appreciation Not Your Skin Color : it is rather advisable to focus on the specialties and talent one does possess. A talented person is always amiable and recognized. He/she never requires to attract others in fact others automatically pay attention towards the special traits. All the great personalities which have been mentioned in this article have proved this point absolutely right that skin color plays no role when it comes to earn recognition and respect in the world. Those people never focused on applying fairness products or never wanted to change their skin color but they rather focused on developing a sense of pride for  their skin color and also focused upon their talents and special attributes. They worked on their goals they set according to their potential and they all ultimately succeeded. And this zeal of theirs, determination and right focus on their specialties brought them appreciation, recognitions, respect and acceptance among others. People always remember their great achievements no matter they were dark in color.

Acceptance of the fact that we all are different : even though a lot has to be done at the personal level but at the social level there are many things and ideologies which need to be modified while handling the concept of dark and fair. Society needs to understand that whether it is dark or fair skin color both are given by the God to his children. It is just a way for him to show that his creation is colorful, he has even put so much of variations in the nature as well and human being is his most beautiful creation so obviously it will reflect variety. There is a big role of the families and especially the parents and the teachers to teach their children and students; how to see the variation of skin colors among their peer groups, relatives and friends. Children should be given a broad vision to perceive and accept the color differences. And they should be intentionally taught about focusing upon the permanent attributes (skills, talent, virtues and knowledge) and not upon the temporary features of others (facial beauty and physical appearance). It is good to groom oneself but to regret over one’s physical appearance and looks, is very harmful. Society and its people need to accept the very difference between each other. Dark skinned people are not abnormal. They are as beautiful and special as any person of fair skin color. It is an appeal to the society and its people, stop overlooking the darker skinned people and to begin to look at the internal beauty of human beings.

True beauty lies in a beautiful heart and not in a pretty face. Fair skin can never assure your success and happiness but your talents, skills, knowledge, education and high morals can. There is no damn need to feel inferior or low or to regret for a darker complexion. It’s just so beautiful and in fact healthier. It is now the high time to not to change your darker skin color but to change the way you feel about your dark color. It all depends on how you perceive yourself. How much grateful you are and how much respect you give to yourself. Focus on good and good things will follow you. Time to throw out the misconceptions and off course the fairness products that have made you miserable about your self-esteem and self-confidence. Confidence comes with knowledge, maturity, wisdom and experience and not with a mere fair skin color. So, begin to believe you are beautiful with your dark skin!


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