are Indian Celebrities Capable of Influencing the People’s Choice in elections?

The word ‘politics’ is however not been so much praised and liked in the Indian scenario, but ask those who want to be a part of it, sooner or later in their lives, who want to rule the country and want be the part of the government and those who are quite fascinated with the dazzling galore provided in our Indian politics. The time of election is when each of the candidate is nervous because they have to prove their worth and goodness in front of the people so that the general public choose them as their leader and as much liked candidates. Although it is not something drastically new to know that there have been many of the Indian celebrities, those have been politically active for a long time back, Amitabh Bacchan, Sunil Dutt, Jaya Prada, Vinod Khanna, Smiriti Iraani and the list just goes on and on. These celebrities have already got such an impact on the public minds that apparently somewhere they already feel little secured with regard to create their charm among the public. Whenever any celebrity stands in election, it becomes like the public already knows, that this candidate is already perfect and will fulfil all his/her promises made at the time of promotion. At least a majority of the Indian public who belongs to the rural and under-developed areas are found to be much influenced by the charisma of the celebrities and want to choose them as their leaders.

It is actually the impact of the media culture that has framed and represented the celebrities in such a way that convinces the public to believe in them like Gods. Elections and government are different from the reel life things, after all, what does the screen show in front of the public rarely matches with the real life story. Thus, it is nowhere conformed that the way the celebrities look and being shown on the screen, in their real lives they are similar to that, which is quite obvious too. Many of the celebrities are found to use their fan followings in order to grab a huge number of votes. But what is actually intended is that, celebrities should play a wise game when they are fighting as one of the candidates in the elections. The People of the country want to see the results and not just want to be bamboozled. The celebrities need to work and preach what they say because they have in fact become more responsible since, the public is already expecting a lot from them. The general public also needs to be enlightened that merely chooses a celebrity on the basis of their liking, which is not the right criteria to choose a leader for the country, rather their words and promises need to be assessed and analyzed wisely.


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