India Work Smarter AND Harder

‘Dude, it’s time to work smart NOT Hard!’

How long we have been hearing this statement from almost everyone around (SAVE the Grandparents,) , from even those who are below average themselves, everyone seem to mouth this SO CALLED REVOLUTIONARY  Adage and defends its honour vehemently.

Probably even you might belong to the Majority who sermonizes the same, but here is the thing, Did you ever wonder, that this might be the creation of a person who had a Chemistry Exam the next day & He had a misconception that it was Calculus, so he kept studying calculus and therefore flunked in Chemistry? Subsequently he had a Eureka Moment and he mouthed this phrase that Work Smart (i.e. Plan & Check the Ground-rules before entering the battlefield) instead of hard.

Work Smart is a what I would call a fancy term for Planning & Work Hard is the pseudonym to refer to the amount of efforts you put in, So WORK SMART NOT HARD Ideally & Correctly SHOULD mean that “before you put in the efforts you should have the vector route with you & not a zigzag pathway that consumes more time & Efforts”.

As General Tsun Zu said “Know thy Enemy and you have won half the battle” so working smart is gathering as much information as you can about what you are supposed to do?  & THEN going ahead and pooling in your efforts.
A Successful/smart/accomplished person is someone who spends atleast 1/3rd of the time in planning, strategizing and accruing comprehensive information on what to do,  because it is then only that his inputs will yield the maximum results.

It is analogical to Preparing for a competitive exam and being well aware of its pattern and how it is different from other similar ‘looking’ exams, for example for MBA Entrance exams CAT is a speed + Accuracy based exam where you still have 140 seconds per question BUT for Exam like IRMA you have less than 60 seconds per question and for another NMAT you get 60 second per question BUT there is NO Negative marking, so smart work would be to attempt all the questions(& Solve those questions first that are simpler or belong to your forte), while hardwork would be to attempt each question BUT with extra diligence which would result in much lesser overall attempt.

SO Hardwork is Vital in both the cases, you can’t ignore to put in the requisite amount of efforts in the questions from the areas you are good at, since you can’t afford to get them wrong, while smartwork is to attempt those first which are less time consuming & attempt each question marking an option with calculated intelligent guess.

Similarly when applying for a Job, smartwork would be to edit and modify your resume & cover letter to be in sync with company’s expectations & criteria, you may have all that but you need to research about all of them and put in the keywords that appeal to the HR of that particular company.

SO We see SMARTWORK & HARDWORK Are NOT independent, they are a complimentary pair, you can’t survive on either one of them alone, unlike the widespread notion that Smartwork alleviates the need for HARDWORK, smartwork actually streamlines the domain for Hardwork & makes your effort more focussed/laser like with little or no attenuation towards something not rewarding.

NO matter how smart you are, you will have to go that extra mile to achieve the extraordinary. Smartwork will just ensure that you go that mile in right direction with the right mode of transportation.

So Next time when someone says to you ‘Dude, it’s Smartwork that matters, not Hardwork’ you know that person has accomplished nothing significant to have NOT Realized the flaw in this Hackneyed Cliche.

Posted by Nikhil Mukhija 


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