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 1980s Throw a Stone and it will hit a teacher’s house, 2000s Throw a stone and it will break the window of an Engineer’s Flat.“

One of the classic joke popular in the Facebook world, look around you and you would see your memory getting frenzied at the sheer count of Engineers you are surrounded by and naturally you are doomed to take Non Medical by the virtue of Aura & the milieu engulfing the software hub of Asia or probably the world. From Microsoft to Amazon, all the Biggies are acknowledging the Indian Talent pool, while Indian Biggies are acknowledging the (Poor Indian, Compelled to be) Talented Pool. An Average lowest scale Engineer salary in USA draws a salary of 6000$ per month while here in India, it is 500-600$, almost 1/10th what more do you need to make India a Chinese Software Market (No Pun Intended).

Man 1: Hey, Congrats Anil, heard your son got a job, where did he get placed?
Anil: Thanks Sudhir, My Son is now working with Delloite Consulting!
Man 1: Oh, Didn’t he get a break in Infosys or TCS?
Anil: :o

Another classic portraying the Average Indian Middle Class perception about the Indian IT Industry, If you are doing Engineers, your ultimate aim should be to get sucked into the BIG 4 ‘Infosys, TCS, Wipro or Atleast HCl’ you name another company and you are not an engineer anymore or atleast not a good one who is fit to make his way into the Dream 4.

Ofcourse everyone is fascinated by Computers, afterall there has never been a machine cooler than this, which could teleport you into a virtual world, where (usually) you could forget all your physical and mental incompetence and have that sense of achievement through the superpowers of your favourite WWE Icon or be an undercover agent (007?) & most of us Decide that we would design our own game, or Build our own Software that won’t be a week or month trial and we would give it away for free for most of the poor souls like us who don’t own a credit card & can’t answer parent’s query as to why we need 10$ for about a dozen times in a year. That is the moment we decide we will take up computers as our major and some of the daring ones dream themselves as working for Google, Microsoft or Vogue Facebook, Time passes by and we pass the 10th Standard with Flying colours, then comes the JEE, and the scramble to compete for top 600 Seats if one is really too determined to grab a Computer Science Seat at IIT-D/M/R etc, but then not every dream was meant to be fulfilled, the nerd ones who rarely ever played a game, may be SNAKES in their Nokia 3230, scrape through, while the rest of us, the luckier ones(who had more correct guesses :D) get into NITs, PEC, DCE, BITs, Thappar, and then the Majority after those 20-25,000 Top Students, the rest 11,75,000 are in a quandary, some of them set their eyes upon top regional college while some have smarter dads willing to pay some Green stuff under the table or as a guise of Donation for the ‘COMMON’ Welfare that atleast brings welfare to One of those Common Mass of Students.

Going gets better, we are in college, atleast more than 70% of us away from Home, Who said India was free in 1947, We got free when we entered our Engineering College :P Phew, Cupid is too harsh on us, Cracking JEE seems easier than getting a pretty girl to accompany you to a cafe for more than 3 days in a row AND Then these cruel semester exams, as if we didn’t study enough for AIEEE, they still want to test more of our cramming skills.

While Some of us who still hold onto their dreams, Delve into LET US SEE(C) by Kanetkar Saheb, who singlehandedly deserves more credit to build the TEAM INDIA Cheap Softwares Private Limited. It’s tough at first, C’mon We already are burdened to keep our Grammar correct and now these Syntax to remember, some recede and join their buddies while some crawl, slowly yet steadily We advance ourselves to C++ which looks so silly, all that effort we put into calling by reference, calling by value, is dissolved into .F(X) name While people like me who never had the propensity to let anything enter their grey matter unless they know HOW & WHY that happens, are left hopeless, disappointed at how, despite having more clarity of the subject We Flunk, We Flunk bad, we have an accuracy of 83.33% in passing the semester of 6 Subjects and thus we keep paying for our sin and wicked mindset who is guilty of being pure and childlike inquisitive.

All the pretty girls you see around, pass while our brothers fail, spending half their time thinking, how it would be like to have them in their arms and What not…

Sluggishly and languidly we scrape through, but here Final year knocks at door, the 2 internships, the JAVA header files we banged our heads against, beckon in order to secure a job that pays something above 3 Lakh figure, afterall we aren’t an NITian or an IITian. Infosys/TCS/Wipro/HCL knocks on the door, for the damned 3.25 Lakh Pa Job in Bangalore/Gurgaon you also have to bear their Pre Placement Talk (PPT as they fancily call it) where they try their best to convince that you WILL have a CAREER through them. Still humble of them since they know you have got no other choice yet they pitch and try to appease you. Rounds are cakewalk for atleast more than 50% of the Junta. You get selected and Neighbour Aunty rebukes her son for not studying harder unlike you, who DID So Much during his 12th that finally he is into INDIA’s TOP IT Company.

Journey of Microsoft Comes to Mysore, where you ACTUALLY Learn what they need from you, NOT what is the core of the Subject, BUT Not every dream is to be fulfilled, or the world would die of monotony. Some of us DO reach the office of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, While some of us live a cool dream of being an Underground hacker ;), Life of an IT Engineer is simpler, believe it or not, Try figuring out the Subjects of ECE or Mechanical & you would thank God that alteast now You have the time to Prepare for CAT! IIM is the Next Dream & Consultancy firms like Ernst & Young or Finance Firms like Goldman Sachs Are what you are destined for…

Someday you would be there & someday you will realize your dreams, it’s just that someday knocks earlier for those who slog harder during 11th-12th while it shifts to 4-5 years later if you slog hard during or Afterwards.

Posted by Nikhil Mukhija


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