Regionalism : Divides & Unites

 How many times have you heard your parents, exclaiming with joy when they meet a person belonging to the same hometown as theirs? How many times have you extended a hand forward to someone in a strange new place like a new college or workplace when you found out they have resided in the same state as you did?

& How many times have you seen, ‘Sarkari Affsar (Government Officials)’ being nicer to those speaking their native language which happens to be the native language of them as well?

Regionalism is one thing that NONE of us can deny the existence of, it has been a part of our life since our childhood yet we never observed it. AND It is not our fault, we can’t be blamed for our thinking, because it has been a part of our subconscious to associate with things that are familiar to us, things that we belong to are the things that give us a sense of security and when people that belong to the same class, city, state, nation, region etc, they give us a sense of familiarity, security and kinship. We no longer feel isolated and aloof even in a strange hostile odd place and that’s how our unconscious propensity to differentiate on the basis of region sparks.

There have been leaders who could envisage the vast potential it had to garner support and subsequently have capitalized on this tendency to gain the loyalty and blind faith of millions of masses and majority of which belong to lesser educated class (& For this too, an illiterate or less educated person has less questioning rationale initially and can be programmed/brainwashed more easily when compared to a graduate or a post graduate having experienced a more wider horizon of intellectual stimulation).

Regionalism is a virtue and vice concurrently, it divides the masses and then unites them for a cause that seems giant but is blemish when viewed from a higher national level perspective. Here in India we have Haryanvis, Punjabis, & then Marathis, & South Indians having their own separate class, and it is no rumour that each one of them can’t act unbiased and natural when interacting with people from other state/region.

Grown up and seeing our parents and guardians acting this way, it has incorporated in our lives and behaviour as well, BUT at some level we too are responsible for letting this happen, since we are much more well versed with globalization and terms like mutual cooperation and understanding, which is the ONLY way to progress and sustain in an era with depreciating resources, hence unless and until we don’t learn to walk shoulder to shoulder with all our brothers, we won’t be able to flourish for long.

We have to efface the line that differentiates between white and black, Tamil and Punjabi, Assamese and Rajasthani, if we don’t, it won’t be too long to see when all the 30 states will either disintegrate or be in constant conflict with each other especially for amenities like River Water, Jobs, and too soon private MNCs will plunder all the remaining resources we have that can bring back the GOLDEN SPARROW Crown for Us.

Posted by Nikhil Mukhija


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