Reality of America’s War on Terrorism

 The war on terrorism has been the focus of debate on every international platform especially when it is to do with US involvement. History is evident and clear that US has been treating terrorism as a primary enemy to the global peace and all the efforts has been made in order to combat this menace. The terrorism in this context is obviously referred to the militant Islamists and al-Qaeda and Americans have a definite stand about the definition and terrorism. The slogan – War on Terrorism was evidently used by the former US president   George W. Bush and he was proved to be one of the most successful presidents of the United States to take this fight across the nations in the world. The content also refers to the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers challenging the pride and spirit of Americans. Nevertheless there is always room for speculation as in the whys and the motives of America’s intention to declare and contest such war against terrorism. History speaks for itself again.

The US – Pakistani relationship has always been subjected to a greater scrutiny. During the early years of 21st centaury US had a very peculiar foreign policy on Pakistan. They have supported the Pakistani government which was accused of sponsoring the terrorist activities through ISI. The restless India claiming Pakistan‘s absolute hand in the attack on its Parliament at Delhi pressed the US to spill out the reasons. India was never a favorite partner to the US until the recent years and successive Indian governments did not absolutely inclined with the US foreign and nuclear policies. The Pokharan nuclear tests in 1998 went completely against the will of the US and invited many sanctions which had a great economic impact on India. The reason why the Americans were forced to support Pakistan could be the thinking that they need a strategic partner in Asia who aligns with their policy on nuclear and atomic energy. This is in spite of Pakistan’s nuclear tests in counter to India. It was also believed that the weapons supplied to Pakistan were used against India during the Kargil war. Events later were more interesting. Kargil war was before 9/11!

The events followed by the 9/11 attacks made Pakistan accountable for its involvement rather ISI links to the main accused Bin Laden. Even after persuading terms with Pakistan, US could not achieve an absolute cooperation from Pakistan. The war in Afghanistan is one fine examples of US determination to eradicate terrorist activities and establish democracy. The US involvement in the Philippines to combat Islam terrorism in 2002 was commendable. The Iraq war in 2003 was very determined effort against terrorism; US always wanted to root out the terrorism from the state sponsored nations. Never to forget that the US Government was always resolute in all its actions to bring the perpetrators of 26/11 attacks on India to book and justice, the most vital clues in the investigation process were from the US. The latest wikileaks suggesting that the US had identified ISI as a potential terrorist organization just as al – Qaida clarifies the US’s stand on terrorism. They are determinant and have no partiality to Pakistan except for the fact that the disturbed Pakistan can disturb Asia and India in particular.


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