The Turning Equilibrium of India USA Value Based Association

 In November, 2010 when US President Barak Obama addressed the parliament of India . He stated the importance of shared values in the bureaucratic ties between two countries and quoted it as the primary element to strengthen. He added the vitality of robust bilateral relationship between two and hoped to take the Indian cooperation with US ahead in every term whether political, social or economical. Obama believed that these are the sheer responsibilities that either leadership has ro perform with substance.

Values That Bind

Since a very long time the mentors and the leaders of the United States continually justified the stand they had on the foreign policy with India and no instance was ever glanced about an instant makeshift. Interestingly, story has turned and foreign policy experts have still to believe discourse that worked here in the favour. The earlier stand of US masters for India as a so-so ally is now changed considerably and India becomes the topmost associate of America with the overall transformation in the value based co-operation and a flourished bilateral relationship at every front.  Obama’s speech in the Indian parliament clears as he concisely quoted the need of a fruitful association between the world’s oldest and largest democracies as an elixir of all the trade. He emphasized a specific agenda here where both the countries will work towards to develop a value based action streak in favour of both the countries.   In recent times, the presence of India has been felt considerably in the global arena and its image as global brand is now creating a sense of security and stability in the fastest growing open and stepped market.

Still to Traverse a Long

In the respect of South Asian political scenario al seems very well between India and United states however history tells some other story. Both the countries have not very serious track record of extending a synchronized promotion of democracy and in addition India and USA have clear differences on the mutual cooperation issues and when it comes to accomplish the value based binding, scenario is even murkier. The US alliance with the non-democratic countries like Saudi Arabia and others didn’t have any sort of severe impact on India-USA ties as the world’s largest democracy is much focused on strengthening ties with democratic allies’ rather non-democratic countries.

This is the primary reason that’s why India just push a strong message to USA when it comes to an armed helped to the Pakistan but doesn’t create a huge outcry unless the matter creates havoc in Indian boundary lines. In a leaked foreign ministry circular to every delegates of Indian republic in all the countries had stated about the focus on creating value based relationships with the countries like United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan rather other countries India have strategic ties with. The core strategies and mutual understanding terms are defined between India and with the help of some core counters at both ends including New Delhi and Washington.


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