The ‘true’ Royal wedding of Prince Williams

 It seemed as if not only London but the whole universe was enjoying and dancing in jubilation for the true Royal wedding, happening exactly after 30 years, when the Prince Charles tied the knot with Princess Diana, the parents of Prince Williams who got married to Princess Kate Middleton in the most expensive and the fairytale wedding of the decade. The wedding that was being watched over by over 2 billion people through live telecast was truly an event of joy in all the 180 countries where the telecast was available. The Royal family of London was visibly the happiest family on earth.

Right from the expenses of the wedding estimated to be around $70 million, to each and every minute detail of the wedding, everything about it was truly ‘Royal’. The speculations and anxiety was the highest for the wedding dress of Kate, with complete unknowingness about the designer of the dress and at last Kate presented herself in the beautiful ivory wedding gown with the lace work all over and her train running behind about 12 feet long being carried by her maid of honor, her sister Pippa Middleton. In comparison to the train of her mother-in-law, Lady Diana’s train which was around 25 feet, it was short but Kate presented her with the same dignity, confidence and elegance as Lady Diana.

The new couple paid tribute to their Late mother Lady Diana by playing the same hymns of choir which were played during the funeral of Lady Diana. The guests list of 1900 people was also world-class with the people like David Beckham, Britain PM David Cameron making it to the wedding. Kate, who belongs to a simple middle class family, stole the heart of the Prince when they studied together in the University. The pride of the Royal family was clearly visible throughout the ceremony with Prince Harry, the younger brother of the groom serving as the Best Man for the wedding. The whole scenario presented by the Royals brought out the fragrance of utmost joy, pleasure and royalty as the church was decorated with beautiful white flowers all over and the red carpet in between paved the way for the royal couple and esteemed guests.

After the wedding the couple made their way to the Buckingham Palace, in the same carriage in which the parents of Prince travelled 30 years ago with the fours white horses displaying the utmost serenity. Another tradition was followed which was started by Prince Charles and Lady Diana, as the couple kissed each other in the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the kiss for which the whole world was waiting.

There was certainly an Indian touch to this royal wedding as the scarves which were gifted to the guests as a memoir were made in India with a Ludhiana based hosiery firm, Centex, being chosen through a London survey for the contract.

The royal wedding was truly royal, a celebration which the whole world say and became a witness of the history which was made.


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