Let's talk about India Egypt Relations

 During the most recent times of history there was never a nation like Egypt which has shown an exemplary spirit of revolution and determination of the civil society. Their fight for democracy was highly applauded by the word across, especially the democratic nations. The people supported by the opposition forces to the government took up the cause to the streets and to the political power houses. While this revolution has been inspiring the rest of the Middle East and the Arab world unilaterally, Egypt emerged victoriously in dethroning its dictator president – Mubarak. The international community and the media houses hailed the spirit of Egyptians promised all their support in establishing democracy which will stay an example in that region.

India, for decades has been an example for an excellent system of electoral polity and judicial systems which are the fundamentals in democracy. India is often lauded as the largest democracy and successful in electoral politics which ensures power to the hands of people. Democracy essentially means running the nation through the elected representatives by the people who will in turn ensure the priorities of people and look in the administrative processes including international affairs. The hierarchy varies from nation to nation based on the constitutions they give to themselves. India also boasts of the Election Commission which is the authority to conduct elections in a periodic manner. The Election Commission in India is independent in function assuming it’s positing of power and standing throughout the process of elections. India has been in the electoral process which has transformed from the ballot box to the present day electronic voting machines. These are more secured and reliable in the counting process that adjudges the fate of hundreds of contestants for various positions. It’s beyond speculation that the process of election determines the strength of any democracy and India stands tall in ensuring such democracy which is governed by the powerful Election Commission lead by the chief election commissioner.

Adding to the context, if Egypt desires to establish a strong democracy they need to understand the complexities and the fundamentals of the electoral process and no team better than the Indian Election Commission can assist them in such process for the first time after the Mubarak’s government. India being a strong advocate of democratic establishment, takes the initiative in assisting the electorate of Egypt in ensuring successful elections through electronic voting machines. In such attempt, no other than the Chief Election Commissioner, S Y Quraishi visits Egypt to appraise the top brass of the official cadre to support in this historic moment. During the visit, the Chief Election Commissioner of India held meetings with Yehiah Al Aziz El Gamal, Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdelaziz El Gendy, Minister of Justice, Nabil El Araby, Foreign Minister, Magued Osman, Minister of Communications and Information Technology. He could also interact with the Egyptian Supreme Committee for Presidential Elections and Egyptian High Election Committee for Parliamentary Elections. India could yet again confirm its position in determining the success of democracy across the world by reaching out to Egypt which is in a serious politically unstable situation and preparing for restoration of democracy.


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