Let's Discuss Unrest in Syria

 International community has condemned the repressive activities done by the regime in the Syria. IN the protest ridden country the Syrian regime has brutally accelerated its crackdown against the protesters to mitigate the impact of protest in an effort to crush the opposition. Residents of the city quoted that thousands armed and heavily equipped soldiers with tanks and artillery were marching the streets of their cities and towns to track the protestors. Spectators further stated that security forces in the Deraa had opened indiscriminate fire on the protestors. Interestingly when the army were on the killing spree, no protests were running anywhere. At the time of publishing the news, more than 500+ people already lost their lives and if human rights activists are to be believed hundreds more have been arrested for protest.

The UNSC is very concerned about the bloodshed in the country as the Baathist regime in Syria has started the indiscriminate use of power and discretionary measures to unleash its security units, army power and tanks to break the will of the opposition.In the month of March Syrian troops fired tear gas at demonstrators to stop them against agitation.  In exchange, protestors set the fire to the offices of the ruling Bath party on the fire inDeraa. Protestors even damaged the telecommunications company Syriatel partly-owned by Mr Assad’s cousin. In the agitation,  Raed al-Kerad, 23, was killed and dozens of other protestors were injured. Even though a huge presence of the riot police and armed personnel were ensured in the city, thousands of local protestors continued the agitation by chanting “No more fear!” in the city.

Global community is looking at it as an internal crisis must be faced by the ruling regime against the protestors of the social dimensions. A fierce fight between the civil society and the army had led to a battle field that put a new saga of bloodshed and structural geographical crisis. Political analysts of the world believe that until the affinity between the army and ruling regime comes at the end, the storm is not going to be stopped anywhere. If killings of the protestors don’t stop by the army men at Immediate effect the intensity of the agitation could be even more intensified. Later at the war a sign of relief had been felt as senior army officers mingled with the people to support in the protest.

Finally the Syrian regime realized that they couldn’t realize on the army in the crackdown of the protestors in the city and when President Ali Abdullah Saleh quoted this, the prospects of piece and mutual bonding emerged among the global fraternity. The battle ground of Syria weakened the power of regime at a greater extent and their demand for the current ruling debacle is almost considered by the rulers at the time.  Experts think that the protest will  certainly write another chapter in the history of Syria and its neighborhood.


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