India Kazakhstan Relations & Friendship

India is one such nation which has been carrying out a very positive image of being nonviolent and cooperative for peace process anywhere in the world. This always dates back to the India freedom struggle which always won laurels for being so determined yet non violent. That could be the reason why India reached out to Kazakhstan in the year 1992 to recognize its independence from the soviet. Not to forget that India took a very calculative risk in befriending Kazakhstan, knowing full well that the soviet will not be happy about the decision. India was a close ally to the soviet during the cold war and they must not have wanted to upset soviet, in spite of such pressure, India exercised its choice to support freedom and independence. The friendship was alive till the very recent affirmation of Kazakhstan’s support to India baking the permanent candidature in the United Nations Security Council in 2011.

Looking in to the broader details of the significance of these nations in the United Nations and Kazakhstan backing India, It’s pretty much evident even from the joint statements issued by the leaders by both the nations that they are well determined to strengthen the position and the institution of the United Nations in combating terrorism. India had replicated by confirming its stand to support Kazakhstan for non-permanent membership in the council for 2017-18. This confirms the kind of strategic alliance that these two nations are looking at the global platform, strengthening the powerful institutions as well as these nations in specific. Both these nations are clear with their agenda in opposing terrorism and establishing peace in Asia. They have issued a joint statement on 11th April, 2011 condemning the recent terrorist act in the Minsk Metro. They strongly expressed hope that the perpetrators be brought to book.

Both India and Kazakhstan, exhibits a sense of joint interest and cooperation in establishing a stable political situation in the Asian region. They have agreed to work to bring political stability in Afghanistan and have been working together through dialogue and support in every manner possible. Both these nations highlighted the importance of narcotic trafficking facility which is still devastating Afghanistan and agree to eliminate such activities and build up capacity of Afghan security forces.

The joint memorandum signed by these countries in 2002 was historic which covers the scope of establishing the partnership between the defense industries between these countries. India had also supported Kazakhstan in its bid to develop a naval fleet in the Caspian Sea despite a strong opposition from the Russians. Kazakhstan affirmed its position as a trusted partner to India when its leader Nursultan Nazarbayev visited India in January 2009 and a civil nuclear pact were made with India which allows uranium supply to atomic plants in India which is one of the most important phases of strategic partnership between these two countries. The pace and the confidence with which these two leaderships are proceeding in reaching out to each other’s demands, they would set up an exemplary precedence for the years to come.


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