India cautious over affinity with Dalai Lama

 Dalai Lama of Tibet is one of the very conservative and outspoken religious leaders with an innate interest and ability of fighting the political cause of his people. For decades he has been a great source of inspiration to the Tibetan rights movement and for those people. The Chinese government could never approve the demands and the activities of Dalai Lama while the world nations take a different view point in the debate. India being one of the closest nations to Tibet and Dalai Lama has also been in the political spotlight along with the leader of difference.

Dalai Lama, who is a profound believer of Buddhist religious faith and philosophy, could become the centre of many political debates revolving around Tibet. India too hosts a lot of Tibetan nationals across the border as well as in many metros. Tibetan students association is one of the strongest International students association in India, domination many other foreign students in various universities. They show a keen religious interest and display a scholarly character in everything they do which many a time displays the character of Dalai Lama. He is unarguably a very influential leader who could certainly influence the Tibetan youth with his philosophy and ideology in specific.

India being a cultural sensitive nation along with its tolerance to religion and intolerance to violence has always shown softness to Dalai Lama as a society. As a polity they need to apply caution knowing the effects on Chinese relationship which is also very crucial in the region. The India political sections are found sympathizing with Dalai Lama without an evident confession. It is definitely a wise deal of move to exercise caution when it comes to Chinese relationship as Chinese are far superior in certain areas of defense. The Ministry of External Affairs is often found to be dialoging and defending the role of Dalai Lama with the Indian community. India also suffered setbacks with Chinese interference in the North Eastern States leaving the administration with tough questions to be answered on India – Chinese relationship.

Indian Media which in general is unbiased gives a little impression of taking sides with Dalai Lama and his liberation movement for Tibet. Indian Media has been giving enough space for him to explain his position on various issues he brings up to the global platform time and again. He never spared the Chinese establishment for being indifferent to the Tibetan people and rights. He calls for democracy in China and claims that the Chinese leaders lost the socialist values with time.

The debate is triggered once again on the public domain as the news about the India’s External Affairs Ministry expressing reservations on conferring Dalai Lama with doctorate by the famous Jamia Millia Islamia. Its been very clear that the reservations expressed were purely political keeping the sensitivities surrounding the Chinese relationships at international platform. It was also timed as the Chinese premier was scheduled to visit a month later the conferring ceremony. The facts of November, 2010 have resurfaced only to trigger fresh debate on India’s stand in supporting Dalai Lama with conviction. However Dalai Lama was conferred with the doctorate as scheduled.


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