India America Nuclear deal: A Paradigm of Confidence

The India – America civil nuclear deal effectively in 2006 could trigger a larger debate on the International platform including major repulsions in India which is the centre of its focus. The entire story revolved around major political battles, opportunism and hypocrisy of many political parties with in India. While the then Government which has battled the toughest times in the houses of parliament reaps all its benefits in the present format in terms of confidence from the people of India and a very secured and corporative alliance partners in the Government and the cabinet. A retrospective analysis on the facts and perceptions that ran through the emotions in the year 2009 connected to this nuclear deal gives a crystal clear objective of every entity in the process.

History has been very clear and categorical that all the Governments in India irrespective of their ideological belief wanted to achieve a very good rapport and relationship with the US. The Americans who are unarguably superior in economy, energy and polity could set standards of governance, growth and International affairs.

The nuclear deal surfaces during the times India was emerging as one of the fastest growing economies and super strong military which could carry forward their own operations in security and nuclear sustenance. India could gaze for times in the near future when they may walk shoulder to shoulder with USA. It is also important for the Americans to watch out for strategic partners who are strong enough in the Asia. Chinese being very commendable in their own style and growth could never be comfortable partners with Americans. Besides, their communist and socialist ideology would keep the well know capitalists at bay, all the time. Americans experimented with Pakistan and ended up burning their fingers due the conservative and inconsistent attitude of Pakistan’s leadership, time to time. Americans, to be frank are left with India and Indian find opportunities to seize.

Besides being identified with the America’s super power, India could visualize their future challenges with energy. India could never achieve its paradigm position of electrifying rural India. They Industrial demands are huge that the Agricultural sector often suffers due to its share of energy. Most prominently the security concerns surrounding other plants are rising every day. While solar energy is being very expensive and the efficiency of Natural gas is yet to be established hands on, we are left with option to relay upon the nuclear energy which was also considered as one of the safest forms of energy. India’s dependency on the USA for reactors, energy and technology finds the deal very secured and proactive and so the Government of India under the visionary leadership of Dr.Singh signed the cooperation deal with the US.

Hypocrisy was at its best among the opposition lead by the BJP which had actually initiated civil nuclear discussion with the US. The leftists, who are often referred the backbenchers of Indian polity could never like anything with the USA. They pulled the Government down to minority only to bring them back to power in 2009 general elections in a very convincing manner.


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