France bans the Burka

 In a straight clash with the religious obligations of the Muslim community, France has become the first nation of the European continent, in the whole world to legally ban the veil or what we call the ‘burqa’ or ‘naqaab’. It means that a lady, regardless of her religion cannot wear a veil which covers her face and if she wears it, then it is legally punishable act. A lady cannot wear the veil in the public places, as per the law passed. However the lady still has the option of wearing the burqa in their homes, which is obviously of no use whatsoever because it is a tradition in Muslim community to wear veil while going outside.

If we talk of that why this decision has been taken after so many debates which took place in the French government and communities, the lawmakers are saying that it was necessary to protect the culture of France as a nation. They also believe that the imposition of this veil wearing tradition only on women by the Muslims is clearly a separatist kind of behavior, which cannot be tolerated in France. But as it is rightly said that the humans cannot tolerate even a single clash with the beliefs of their religion, this decision has sparked off the wide protests by the Muslims living in France and they are questioning the French government on their rights of a citizen.

Women of the Muslim origin in France are claiming that they wear veil as their love and devotion for ‘allah’, so how can the French government put question marks on their actions to please their God. They are terming this action of the French government as a pure betrayal and completely baseless. However, it is interesting to note that the law does not refer to or mention anywhere about the Muslim women, it only says that it is not allowed to cover the face in the public places because of the security measures. It also clarifies that if a man forces a women to wear a veil, he can be jailed for one year along with the fine of up to 30.000 Euros.

Another highlight of this issue is that in the Parliament this law has been passed with only one vote against it, which means with the great majority. But the Muslims are saying that this is an indirect attack done by the French government on their religion, their individuality and their rights as a citizen of France. The other concerns are being shown by the Muslims living in France on the behavior and the limits of the authority police should have. However till now police do not have the right to ask women wearing the veil to remove it. They can only take her to the police station and impose the fine as per the law.

The tempers are high in France with the women wearing the veil complaining of the staring looks like that of a criminal by the public.


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