Egypt paved the way for Revolutions in Arab World

 Nile valley civilization is the first civilization which witnessed the people’s rebellion that started from Tahrir square which uprooted Hosni Mubarak, who dictated terms to Egyptians for nearly 40 years and now Cairo has its own elected government. Egypt is now stably moving ahead but the Tahrir square ignited a spark that has spread over Middle Eastern countries namely Syria, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya.

The outbreak of the people in the Middle Eastern countries after watching the courage which has been displayed by the people of Egypt, their urge for democracy and their will which prevailed over the will of their dictator is what we can term as the true and ultimate power of the people. It once again proved that if the people just stick together and declares a war against the wrong being done, then nothing can actually stop that wave of change. The world witnessed the unity of the Egyptians, the unity which is badly required in all those countries which are right now suffering either in on the hands of their dictator or the corrupt administration.

Talking of the corrupt administration, Pakistan and India are the names common for many. The latest break out of unity in India after brave Anna Hazare, coming to spotlight, and people joining the hands with him, after witnessing the corruption filled 2010 with the corruption scams worth lakhs of crores coming to light, its time for Pakistan to unite and stand against the system being followed in their nation that is democracy just on papers.

Syria has been under emergency law for nearly four decades firstly under Ba’ath party’s Hafez al-Assad who was in power for nearly 3 decades and now his dictating legacy is taken forward by his political heir Bashar-al-Assad who has been in power for over 10 years now who came to take the thrown as a controversial amendment that lowered legitimate age for his candidature as President. Libya largest country in Africa, with great petroleum resources came under seize when Egyptian and Tunisian revolution lead to fall of the dictators like Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Muammar Gaddafi or Col. Gaddafi who has ruled people of Libya for over four decades is now under fire from inside and with America, France and Britain also looking to uproot the Gaddafi Regime and obviously the people of Libya are following the way which has been paved by Egyptians.

These all revolutions can be viewed as outcry of people’s aspirations to bring populist democratic regimes.  Those will care for people interests and bring back the much needed change against very disturbed view in which continuous abuse of power by not so popular state heads which lead to insecure and highly dissatisfied masses, who out of sure disgust uprooted the Rulers of their respected countries and with many of the disputed heads now seeking asylums in other countries it is evident that they can view clearly the writing on the wall for them and accept that its curtains for them.


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