Culture keeps India Argentina relations lively

 India has its roots drawn back to culture and civilization which is often termed as one of the major differentiators of Indians amongst world nations. With time and technological advancements India could preserve many of these cultural values in order to stand unique, yet successful in the world affairs. India has been maintaining very cordial relationship with Argentina government for many years since independence. These two nations enjoy great deal of friendship and camaraderie in complementing each other supporting some of the most demanding causes in the global platform.

The Indian leadership represented by the Ministry of External Affairs keeps things in a very diplomatic manner even as they exchange cultural values while they promote trade and commerce with great sense of responsibility and cooperation. It’s important and imperative that we enjoy such cordial relations with some of these non controversial nations when it comes to trade, polity and foreign policy. Argentine with its not so complicated foreign policy could find its way much easier to friendship with India, which is now emerging as one of the most powerful global economies.

The Indian Embassy based at Buenos Aires has been very successful in organizing cultural programs and Indian artists visiting Argentina makes the relationship more warmth. Argentine have always shown high regard for Indian culture and civilization.

Yoga could become popular with many spiritual leaders promoting its essence through the Embassy. Hundreds of Yoga centers found their way to Argentina. We even find many natives performing and teaching Indian dance and music. The Indian cinema has become equally popular and thanks to the Indian Embassy which takes all such initiatives time and again. Culture surely has a very significant role to play in establishing mutual relationship amongst nations. Especially when we recognize and identify with the cultural sentiments of our fellow nations, we expect camaraderie, that’s exactly the Ministry of External Affairs was successful in achieving when it comes to Argentine affairs.

Indian Embassy also took keen interest and initiative in organizing festivals since 2008 for which Argentina and neighboring countries are popularly known for. These festivals showcase Indian culture by means of exhibiting masterpieces of Indian art such as handicraft designs and products which are very popular all over the world. These are the festivals which also present rich Indian portrays like folk dance, light music and film festivals. It’s no exaggeration that the latest festival organized by the India Embassy attracted over 80,000 visitors which is a spectacular witness to the cultural ties promoted by the Indian External Affairs.

Such involvement of Indian literal and cultural richness could be dated back to             Rabindra Nath Tagore’s times when the literary legend visited Argentina way back in 1924. He was hosted by the popular Victoria Ocampo of Argentina. Victoria Ocampo was given an honorary

Doctorate by the Viswa Bharati University and this was handed over by Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi during her visit to Argentina in 1968. All such events still remain versatile and lets any government to enjoy cordial relationships with Argentine leadership time to time.


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