Aid to Asia from the United Nations

 America which is unbeatably one of the world’s successful democracies could grow faster than any other nation in terms of economy and creating wealth. Their policies of inclusive growth and sustainable development are exemplary and are capable of achieving greater value with time. In spite of criticism during the recent times of recession, they could continue to prove their superior standing on the global dais. One of the most recent interviews with President Obama by face book highlights the reasons why there was a sense of insecurity in American economy. One of the notable reasons is the participation of US in the global affairs in order to establish peace, stability and sustainable development. Americans always lived up to their Great American Dream by the ways of humanitarian behavior which they exhibit time and again.

The US always had a great deal of interest in the Asian region, especially India. Their arms were not only wide open to receive them in to their nation but also extended their support in uplifting some of these nations from dreaded crisis. May it be a natural calamity or any political uncertainty; it’s the US which comes forward with a formula of stability and sustenance.

There were also many challenges tagged with involving Asian nations. In spite of their growing economies and technological advancements, poverty has been identified as the most prominent adversary in this region. Asian region is accountable for two-third of the world’s poor. Issues with pollution and hygiene are at their worse resulting in larger problems. Natural disasters are the most unpredictable, geographical location could be a reason, but these calamities would devastate these nations any time. HIV AIDS remains the most dreaded challenge. Amidst all these challenges and instability, US take the lead to achieve sustenance and motivate sufficiency.

USA plays a very important role in protecting independent nation’s interests with in the region by sharing its democratic values, promoting freedom and human rights. Their presence in Afghanistan had restored the democratic process and the 2005 national elections are the result of the US efforts. In response to 2004 tsunami, USA had leveraged $ 18.1 Million through the restoration process. Above four lakh students were benefitted in Pakistan through the special education AID program since 2002. At about 28,000 former combatants in Mindanao, Philippines were supported with job skills. In Indonesia they helped in creating surveillance and response teams in 165 high-risk districts to find and contain outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry. The US AID support to Asia had resulted in increase of total environmentally protected areas by nearly 68 percent in Eastern and South East Asia. South Asia increased its protected areas by 184 percent. These are few statistical examples reflecting the humanitarian response and responsibility to Asian sustenance. It’s always been with in the spirit of Americans who want to essentially participate in global growth and welfare of every nation through the values of democracy, freedom and peace. The worse times of recession could not restrict the US from being a global helping hand, especially to Asia and India.


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