6 Most Beautiful Travel destinations in Jammu & Kashmir

 If there is paradise on earth, it is surely Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. Often known as Switzerland of India; this hottest tourist destination in India best showcases its superb topography, divine natural beauty, amazing climate, rich and splendid culture, enriched traditions and impressive style of living.The fragrant breeze of fresh flowers that bloom in the Mughal gardens, gleaming sun rays over the Himalayas, tranquility of Dal Lake, surprising houseboats, and roaring sounds of rivers attracts more and more tourists from all across the globe every year to this state. Even a single visit to this heaven on Earth will mesmerize you to an extent that every holiday in your life will surely bring back the memories of Jammu and Kashmir and you would yearn for just one more chance to visit again. Below mentioned are some of the famous Travel destinations in Jammu and Kashmir :

Vaishno Devi : recognized as one of holiest hindu pilgrimage across the world, Vaishno Devi is revered not only by the followers of Hinduism but of other religions as well. It is believed that Sri Mata Vaishno Devi dwells in the holy cave positioned in the three-peaked mountain called as Trikoot. Mata Vaishnodevi Ji is visited by millions of devotees every year.

Mughal Gardens : The beautiful gardens in Srinagar are called as Mughal gardens because these gardens were actually cobbled by Mughal kings, during their ruling period in India. These gardens are surrounded by the scenic beauty and besieged by the beautiful lakes that add up a glorious look. Some of the famous Mughal gardens are:

Shalimar Garden : This garden is the most delightful garden of Kashmir. Mughal king Jahangir incorporated this beauty for his wife Nur Jahan around 400 years ago. This four-storied garden is also famous by the name Farah Baksh. Use of impeccable amenities and the canal in the center adds up to the glory of this garden. The statistical measurements of this garden are length is 539 m and breadth is 182 m. The picturesque view of this garden of love attracts a huge flock of tourists.

Dal Lake : Stretched out to 18 sq. km, Dal Lake is situated at the centre of Srinagar and is famous as the best attraction in the state. Gigantic Himalayan ranges and exquisite gardens surround this lake, making it the most delightful scene for the tourists. The lake has mesmerizing waves that leave you spell-bound. The charming shores of the lake, and the grand houseboats scattered throughout the lake add up most to the beauty of this beautiful creation of God. Apart from Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Wular Lake, and Pangong Lake are some other lakes that must be visited by all the tourists.

Amarnath Yatra : one of the most Holy Place for Hindus , Amarnath has a holy cave at a height of 3,888 m. Believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, the cave is enshrined in the shape of an icicle situated at final end of the Lidder Valley.

Houseboats : These floating luxuries are as captivating as are lavish and well-appointed tourist facilities. But a trip to Kashmir can never be complete without stepping on a houseboat on the lake. These unique and innovative houseboats add up to the splendid beauty of the state. These manmade wonders are best seen on Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Jhelum River. The beauty of these houseboats can be best admired from the shores of these lakes. Also these houseboats facilitate a tourist with a most luxurious stay, hand carved furnishings, multi-cuisine food, bedrooms, dining area and a balcony to enjoy the refreshing evening breeze.

India Make your Travel trip to Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir and enjoy the “Heaven on Earth” to the most. One can never be as lucky again.


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