Top 7 Tourist Places to Visit in Delhi

Delhi the capital of India and a Must travel Destination for India travelers. Delhi is just not another city but it is a book, which dictated the saga of its existence. A fairytale city of India, on one hand comprises ancient well preserved monuments, royal temples and palaces of kings and maharajas; on the other hand it is a hub of up market shopping malls, eating joints and party places.  Delhi  is the city where the past coexist with the present. Due to this, it attracts great number of overseas tourism. Delhi is famous for its diverse culture that is absorbed into the daily life of the city. It is hard to believe that the city has undergone the pain of destruction and rebuild seven times.  Connected through out by the fast and furious train ‘metro’ Delhi is the most visited and appreciated city of country. It has truly said that Delhi is the land of “dilwalas.”

Red fort : The beauty of Delhi is visible in one monument i.e. red fort. It was originally build by shahjahan. The architecture displays very high level of artwork of Mughal times. Surrounded by chandani chowk (delhi-6), red fort market offers the most vibrant, diverse and sizzling collection of bridal and pre bridal wears enriched with deep colors and fine embroidery.

Qutub Minar : It is the great reflection of afghan architecture. It is 72.5mts high victory tower. Being the world’s tallest brick minaret, it has been given the world heritage site status. It is the nearest station of the Delhi metro.

Jama Masjid : with a huge carrying capacity of 20,000 people, it is the largest mosque in India. It lies at the very busy street of old Delhi. The northern gate of the mosque has 39 steps the southern gate has 33 and the eastern gate has a big royal entrance with 35 steps.

India gate : It has situated in the center of the city is 42mts high building. It was designed in the memory of Indian soldiers who sacrificed their life in First World War. Their names can be seen inscribed on the wall of India gate. It is a famous picnic zone for Delhi people equipped with complete security and safety systems. Evening times are the best to visit.

Rajghat : the memorial of the ‘father of nation’, mahatma Gandhi is the square platform of black marble where the last utterance of Gandhi ji “Hey Ram” is inscribed. There are two Gandhi museums in the premises namely Gandhi Memorial Museum and Gandhi Smriti Museum.

Humayun’s tomb : Humayun’s wife, Hamida Begum in 1556, built this monument. It is also believed to have influenced the design of Taj Mahal. The tomb is such an attraction and symbol of amazement that tourist who visit here experience to see the best gift given by a wife in the world.

Jantar Mantar : Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur built it. It consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. It was designed to study the movements of sun, moon, and planets. Visitors all over the world enjoy and understand the technique of formation of sun signs with Hindi and English guides explaining in every corner.

The availability of best transportation systems, five star and royal hospitality, a diversity of fantastic sites to visit and variety of cultural and traditional experience in the metro makes your trip a complete package. Thinking of your best memories would never be complete without the significant and wonderful experience of capital of India, Delhi.


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