Top 5 lesser Known Travel Destinations in Nagaland

Indian State of Nagaland is one of the seven sisters of north eastern India, which is world famous for its bamboo work furniture, adventures and natural beauty holds in its lap the potential to turn your trip into the most memorable one. The breathtaking scenes along with the most hospitable tribal people ever make it even better.

Dzukou valley : It is the best trekking site available for the tourists who love adventure and can climb the beautiful peaks and hideouts in the valley. Situated above the sea level of Kohima, the valley is just too perfect for providing the peace and serenity to the tourists who come here from different parts of the globe. The valley is all covered with the smooth and rolling hillocks, the wild flowers and creepers and the flowing waters. The beauty of the hills is enhanced by the colorful flowers like rhododendrons and orchids. Other rare flowers too bloom to the fullest in the springs.

Satoi range : This tourist spot attracts huge number of tourists as these are the forests in the state which are completely unexploited till present date by human activities. These forests are located in the Zunheboto district. The forests present the scenic excellence with the magnanimous greenery and natural abundance all around. Home to the various species of animals and birds which are on the border line of getting extinct, the forests boasts of the rare species of a bird called Blythe’s Tragopan which is found in this forest.

Mount Tiyi : This place of Nagaland is a trekking site which like all other trekking sites of the state boasts of the scenic natural and wild varied beauty. The months of March and April add icing on the cake in the beauty of this place as the wild flowers like rhododendrons and orchids adore the hills of the valley. Tiyi is a mountain in the valley which gives the breathtaking view of the valley from the top height. Cliffs and steep slopes of the mountain are covered with the wild vegetation all through the year. Trekking guides can also be hired for the best experience during trekking.

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary : The wildlife of the Nagaland cannot be left unexplored with the number of rare species flourishing in the state. The best place for this exploration is Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is the most visited spot for witnessing the magnificent flora and fauna of Nagaland. Located near the border of the neighboring nation Myanmar, it is situated exactly in the Pungro circle headquarters. Some of the rarest of the rare flora and fauna species, found nowhere else in the nation and even the world are housed in this sanctuary. This place becomes even more adventurous during the heavy rainfall.

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary : The best place for sightseeing in Nagaland, this wildlife sanctuary is under the care of the Forest Wildlife Department of the government. More than the rare species of animals, this sanctuary is the hub of the rarest of the rare bird species which multiplies its beauty.


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