Top 5 Famous Tourist destinations in Karnataka

 Karnataka is one of the liveliest states of South India that has numerous picturesque cities and lush green gardens in its kitty. One can see the most green and colorful patches all over this state. Mysore palace, Badami Caves, Brindavan gardens and Tipu Sultan’s Fort are some of the famous tourist attractions in Karanataka that are worth seeing. The state is located in southern India, and is surrounded from all the sides by states like Goa on one and Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on the rest. The state has pure beaches, lush green gardens, lavish palaces, huge historical temples, heavy waterfalls and the most beautiful nature, which all contributes to attract a large number of tourists to this favorable destination.

Moreover, the perfect blend of modern culture with old tradition do the rest. Few famous Travel destinations to explore in Karnataka are as follows:

Tipu Sultan Fort : Situated in Bangalore, the fort was named after Tipu Sultan. The fort has two-storied wooden structure, which is Teakwood carved along with decorated pillars, concave arches and balconies. But, today the fort has been converted into a museum to showcase the ancient artifact of Hyder-Tipu regime. The fort is also known as the “Abode of Peace” and is designed in Islamic architecture. The exquisite floral patterns on the walls and ceilings add to the glorious look of this beautiful fort. The fort is extended to an area of 400-acre and was designed in a medieval style.

Mysore Palace : The palace is situated in the second biggest city of Karnataka, which is also known as the Garden City of Karnataka. Mysore gives a perfect glimpse of age-old glory of some majestic palaces, forts and gardens. Located in the heart of the city, the palace is also regarded as the most splendid palace in Mysore. The main attractions of this fort are some masterpiece collections of precious works of art, Soundarya Vilasa, Naama Teertha and 11 canons, which are placed in the palace complex. Also, a small private palace that is built near the Mysore palace, named Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, who still resides in the palace.

Coorg : A perfect Scotland in India, Coorg is the most famous hill station of Karnataka. The coffee plantations, plethora of flora and fauna, perfectly manicured gardens adds up the most to the beauty of this hill station. Around 300 rare species of avian, safari in the Nagrhole National Park, Madikeri Fort and museum, Omkareshwar temple, the Abbey falls, trekking in Brahmagiri, Tadiandamol and Pushpagiri peaks are the main attractions of this hill station.

Brindavan gardens : Situated in Mysore, Brindavan Gardens have gained fame as one of the most visited travel destinations in Mysore. The Gardens are spread over 150 acres of land. These gardens are assembled across the river Cauvery. One can enjoy vast expanses of well-laid out lawns, amazing site of dancing fountains on the tunes of music (making magnificent color patterns) and diverse kaleidoscopic rows of flowers in the Brindavan gardens.

Also, the state of Karnataka has many monumental heritages, some glorious art galleries, and exotic restaurant pubs along with that can add up the best liveliness in any vacation. So, are you heading towards Indian State of Karnataka for your next vacation?


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