Most Famous 5 Tourist destinations in Maharashtra

India Travelers must travel to Maharashtra which is known for the stillness of the beaches and the wilderness of the hills. One can see the nature at its best allurement in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The best attractions of Indian state maharashtra are the forts that are built on small islands, the beaches surrounded by the silver sands, innumerable cultures, traditional destinations etc. One can definitely say that the state of Maharashtra is worth planning a vacation to, as the diversity between cities present in this state attracts the best number of tourists each year. Every city in this state is unique in its own way. Also, numerous hill stations add up most to the natural beauty in this state. Famous Travel Destinations of Maharshtra are:

Gateway of India : Known as one of the most glorious memorials in India, Gateway of India is the construction of British rule time. Indo-Sarcenic style of this memorial contributes to make Gateway of India, a colonial architectural heritage in India. Standing at the Apollo Bunder, the popular memorial attracts the attention of millions each day. The 26 meters high memorial is coupled with four turrets, beautifully carved stones with the most complex latticework and a smaller mark of Gujarati architecture.

Mahabaleshwar : This hill station situated in the heart of Sahyadri hills (the Western Ghats in Maharashtra) and offers the tourists around 30 viewpoints including some landscapes, many waterfalls (like Lingmala, Chairman and Dhobi), a Bombay point (gives the spectacular view of the sunset), a Connaught Peak (second highest peak of the hills), hunter point, Wilson Point (sunrise point), Venna Lake, Babington Point and Helen’s Point, to name a few. One can enjoy the best quietness, calm and clean environment, and fresh air making this hill station a perfect destination for a vacation.

Elephanta Caves : Situated near Mumbai, Elephanta Caves are one of the main attractions of Maharashtra. These caves best showcases a variety of temples that are as old as 5th century and are all designed with rock cut work. i.e. carved on rocks. The Elephanta caves are spread over a large area of 60000 square feet. The temples in these caves mainly consist of a main chamber, some courtyards and several subsidiary shrines. Also, one can notice a mass of natural rock all above the temple. Some of the main attractions of these caves are a 20 pillared, magnificent image of Sadasiva, 20 feet high image of the three headed Shiva (known as Trimurthy), grand sculptured images of Kalyanasundara, Gangadhara, Ardhanariswara and Uma Maheswara, images of Nataraja and andhakaasuravadamoorthy, and the images of Yogiswara and Ravanaanugrahamurthy.

Ellora Caves : Situated near Aurangabad, the famous Ellora caves are located in the Chamadari hills since 300 years. The caves are famous for their cave temple architecture, making them as one of the world level heritage. The carved interior structures of these caves are the perfect reflection of the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

So, plan your next Holidays to Maharashtra and see what all the Indian state serves you with.


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