Best 5 Lesser known Travel destinations in Tripura

Tripura is also known as the ancient land holding many mysterious pastsa and Best travel destination in India. The Indian state of Tripura is spread over an area of about 10,500 sq. Kms and is populated by total 19 tribes, Bengali’s, Manipuri’s and few other communities as well.  Some of the famous Travel destinations to travel in Tripura are as follows:

Tripura Sundari Temple : This temple is also regarded as one of the pithasthans that is situated in Udaipur, where it is believed that one of the pieces of Mata Sati’s body, which was cut by Lord Vishnu with a Sudarshan chakra also fell here. The temple premises are said to resemble the shape of a tortoise named Kurma after which this temple was given another name Kurma Pith. Idol of Maa kali is worshipped in this temple. A Kalyan Sagar is situated in the eastern direction of this temple, where devotees feed huge fishes and tortoises with “muri” and biscuits. The temple is located at a distance of 55 Km from Agartala.

Fourteen Goddess Temple : This temple is located 14 Km. away from Agartala. Kharchi festival is the most famous festival that is celebrated in the month of July in this temple, and is visited by thousands of pilgrims and devotees.

Neermahal : A construction of 1930’s, this magnificent lake palace is situated in the centre of the Rudrasagar lake. Neermahal is spread over an area of 5.35 Sq.Km. Being the first most lake palace in the entire eastern India, the lake palace best showcases a perfect combination of Hindu and Mughal architecture on its domes. The western side of the lake palace is known as Andar Mahal, which used to serve the royal family whereas the eastern side is known to serve the security personnel and the servants of the royal family. The western side of this palace was designed with total 15 rooms, a beautiful garden, and an open stage to organize drama, theatre, etc. Also, the palace consisted of a motor ghat that was adjoining to two stairs, each one respectively serving the Maharaji and Maharani. Flood lighting of the palace serves the best in the evening giving a spectacular view of the palace with the shadowing lights in the waters of the surrounding lake. In addition, water sports facilities, Light & Sound show reflecting the historical and glorious past along with cultural heritage of Tripura and numerous migratory birds add up to give the most fascinating and charming look to the lake palace.

Ujjavanta Palace : This beautiful palace is situated in the heart of Tripura and covers an approx area of one square kilometer. Reflecting the architecture of Indo-Saracenic style, this palace was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya Bahadur. One can find a perfect blend of numerous attractions in this palace like the ceiling of the Chinese room, the finely carved doors, and the water pools with waterless fountains. These all decorative items add up greatly to reflect the greatness of the long-gone days.

So, be sure the next time you plan to travel to Tripura , explore the maximum to enjoy your Holidays.


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