Amazing 5 Must visit Travel Destinations in West Bengal

 West Bengal is a perfect place for India Travelers to see and feel the rich culture and Heritage of India. The leading state in eastern India, west Bengal is popular for its rich, vibrant and colorful culture and natural bounty crowning its head. Often called as ‘gateway’ state it makes a gateway to north-eastern region of country and entire belt of Asia pacific. The state is formed by the famous of all Darjeeling hills in the north, narrow terrain regions, Ganga deltas washing its foot and the famous costal region. The land of Proto-Australians, Negroids, Armerians, Sumerians, Mangoloids, and Indo-Aryan origins, West Bengal proudly comprises the world’s largest mangrove forest and world’s largest national park, sunder bans.

Kolkata – the exquisite 17th-18th century terracotta temples, seat of classic music in the former capital of India make Kolkata a very happily visited site for vacationers. The greatest attraction is its heritage like Howrah Bridge, botanical garden with a 250 year old banyan tree is another site of attraction, Dakshineshwar temple, Jain temple, Kali temple, marble place, Nakhoda mosque, national library, St. Paul’s cathedral, the grand edifice of Queen Victoria, Victoria memorial, zoological parks and much more to ensure that past glory is so eminent to stand with present glory with an aura.

Sunder bans : it is the biggest colony of royal Bengal Tigers coined the man eaters. These giants of ecology are awarded the status of being the world heritage site by UNESCO. The ebbing water reveals nature so alive on glistening mud flats. These evergreen mangrove forests pulsate with myriad form of life and always have been a major site of attraction from visitors all over the world.

Darjeeling : To witness the great magnificence of mountains, unsullied and pristine, one should definitely visit the famous and romantic hill station of Darjeeling located 7000 feet above sea level. The flavored tea of this city is famous all over the globe for its fragrance and taste. Witness to mammoth industry, the tea gardens that dot the slopes are producing brew compared to champagne.

Kalimpong :  The journey from Darjeeling to Kalimpong is a beautiful experience. The road drops from Ghoom 7407ft. to Teesta Bazar 700 ft in 12 km and passes through lush green forests and tea gardens. A place called the Viewpoint or ‘Lovers Meet’, offers excellent view of the confluence of the Rangeet and the Teesta rivers, as also of the Himalayan mountain range from Durbindara summit. Kalimpong’s attractions include three Buddhist monasteries, orchid nurseries, a sericulture centre and Dr. Graham’s Home, a large sprawling school set up in 1900 for educating the children of tea workers.

To experience a different level of enthusiasm devotion, visit the Durga Pooja celebration held during September-October precisely during Navrataras. Religion of West Bengal is not the only aspect this festival shows us. It brings forth the exquisite cuisine, rich art and crafts, music and dance, traditions and creativity of Bengali people. West Bengal is a state with uncountable attractions to see and even more things to do. A lifetime in West Bengal seems less to experience this one of a kind state in all its colors and fervors. Travel West Bengal from any corner and by the time you are through with attractions of the state, you will crave to start it all over again.


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