Amazing 5 famous Travel destinations in Gujarat

Gujarat is the Jewel of West India. To live the taste and traditions of India, a visit to the state of Gujarat, lying on the western coast of India, is something worth experiencing. Alluring tourist with its famous temples, age-old palaces, spectacular animals and birds in lush green forests along with those vivacious, colorful festivals; Gujarat ensures to offer something to everyone. Known to be India’s most industrialized and flourishing states, Gujarat is a state where one can find the modern milieu happily married with those ancient traditions.

A home to number of palaces and forts, pilgrimage centers, sun soaked beaches, and wildlife destinations, Gujarat at the same time has been always referred to a melting pot of numerous races and cultures and embryonic into a distinctive one. Celebrating plenty of festivals and fairs every season, that are surely known as the sources for a trumpet blast, are the core reasons Gujarat offers to attract tourist from all over the world. To experience the traditions, cultures and occasions, that Gujarat offers, come let’s get mingled up with every appendage that it consists of.

Palaces of Gujarat : showcasing exclusive architectural monuments that are a blend of European, Hindu and Islamic architecture are the fame of Gujarat. To name a few are Uparkot Fort, Nazar Bagh Palace, Kusum Vilas Palace, Dabhoi Fort and Pawagadh Fort.

Patan is the city in Gujarat where tourists can experience some of the awesome architectural wonders. Besides, Ahmadabad known as the Manchester of the East is a city having some 15th century monuments, displaying a fine blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. In addition to a veritable panorama of culture, history, natural splendor and religions; this fastest growing city of India offers a wide spectrum of gardens that boost the gleam and appeal of the city. Markets filled with latest and modern fashion wear, along with those traditional cultural style clothes make the city an exciting shopper’s delight too.

Gandhi Ashram Sabarmati : This place  reminds us of the famous Dandi March, initiated by Mahatma Gandhi- the apostle of non violence, is a must-visit museum displaying our historic memorabilia. It is located on the bank of Sabarmati River and is a place that would greet you with peace and harmony.

Dwarka of Lord Krishna : the holy town in Gujarat, converging the Arabian Sea and river Gomti, is the preferred town for devotees of Lord Krishna, the legend.

Bhuj : Known as the oldest town, Bhuj, is the gateway to Kutch and still traces its past in the times of Indus valley Civilization. For those looking for some extraordinary handwork, can always visit this destination surrounded by the fort.

Sasangir : The only place other than Africa for harboring Asiatic Lions, is one of the biggest vacationers’ cachets in Gujarat. Offering a lifetime valuable chance to spot various different species of birds, Indian deer, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai and Chinkara, Gir Forest has earned a valuable fame.

Somnath Temple : Being the best known temple of Gujarat that has 12 Shiva Shrines.

Jama Masjid built on Champaner, lying at the foothills of Pavagadh and Junagadh located at the foothills of Girnar Hills where mining has contributed in finding out the rock edict of Emperor Ashoka; are few more Travel destinations to be surely visited during your Gujarat trip.

With so much to offer, Gujarat is surely known as a spectacular kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and cultures. So, pack your bags and head towards the state of delight, fun and frolic.


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