5 Lesser known travel destinations in Meghalaya

Meghalaya was declared the 21st state of India. Meghalaya has gained popularity of being called as the wettest place on earth. Meghalaya has much to offer to the tourists like a sheer thrill of a quick drizzle, mesmerizing natural exquisiteness, mysterious valleys, lush green tropical landscape of hills, exotic flora and fauna, tribes like Khasis, Jhantias and Garos, a rich and well-preserved cultural heritage, varied leisure and entertainment facilities, which all contribute their respective best to make Meghalaya the most interesting and enjoyable Travel destination in India. Starting on with:


Khasi Hills : These hills are situated very close to Shillong and form the central part of Meghalaya. The most famous tourist destinations in Khasi hills are Umiam Lake (sylvan hills and emerald green Khasi-pines surround this lake. A choice of row-boats, paddle-boats, sailing boats, cruise boats, water scooters and speed boats are available for rides), Lum Nehru Park (has beautiful lawns, flowers, an orchidarium and aviary), Cherrapunjee (known for waterfalls like Mawsmai Falls, the legendary Dain-thlen Falls, the romantic Nohkalikai Falls etc), Mawsynram (famous for the picturesque cave of vast and till date unexplored depth and a place of pilgrimage), Jakrem, Dawki etc.

Jaintia Hills : Situated in the eastern part of Meghalaya, these hills are a home for the Jaintia tribes. One can enjoy the best nature here like bountifulness of rainfall, smiling yellow sunshine, lush green surroundings, tall plateaus, mystifying valleys, rippling rivers, cascading waterfalls and magical streamlets. Jaintia Hills is a picturesque hill district that has stored a lot in it to serve all like the Thadlaskein Lake (passing its way through grasslands, rice terraces, woods of oak, whispering pine and the flowing Myntdu River), Nartiang (a site to see the cluster of giant Monoliths), Syntu Ksiar (a vast pool of calm water, where the flow of the meandering river Myntdu come to a sudden halt), Syndai (famous for Syndai Caves) etc.

Garo hills : These hills are also situated in Meghalaya and are famous for its wildlife. Definitely this reason attracts a large population of nature lovers and photographers to these hills. Two mountain ranges passing through a hill is a unique site to see and the Arabella range and the Tura range that passes through the Garo Hills forming the great Balpakram valley in between is also counted as one of the major attractions here. The highest point of these hills Nokrek Peak with an elevation of 1412 m. Also these hills offer oppurtunities of hiking and rock climbing. The hills are most known for the sunset view that a person can have from the Tura Peak at a height of 1,400 m. Some of the best sightseeing options in Garo Hills are Siju Cave, Nokrek, Siju Bird Sanctuary, Imilchang Dare, Sisobibra, Bhaitbari, Chibragre, Rongbang Dare, Williamnagar, Rongdang Falls, etc.

Elephant Falls : These falls are the grandest falls of Meghalaya. This two tiered waterfall attracts many tourists towards its water falling from different levels. This is definitely a sight worth watching.

Other than the above mentioned destinations, Meghalaya also has numerous waterfalls and trekking sites to visit like Crinoline Falls Spread Eagle Falls , Sweet Falls Imilchang Dare , Noh Kalikai Falls , Bishop and Beadon Falls etc. Some other trekking sites are Smit, mawlingot, Pynursla, Weiloi to Ponkung and ponkung to Umngi. India next time you plan to Travel to Meghalaya , do try to explore the maximum number of Travel destinations to make your Holidays the most enjoyable and memorable one.


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