5 Lesser known amazingly beautiful Travel destinations in Mizoram

Indian state of Mizoram , the land blessed with abundant natural beauty and natural resources is the best tourist destination for those who want to stroll in the lush pastures with tall trees and greenery all around. Small, woody and cozy cottages, rest houses and hotels add to the serenity and enjoyment in this beautiful land in north east India.

Phawngpui Mizoram

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Phawngpui : Tour to Mizoram is not complete without visiting Phawngpui. It is the mountain peak believed to be the home of the Gods. With the height of 2165 meters, it is the tallest peak of Mizoram. The location of the peak is easily accessible as it is near the Mizoram border in the district named Chhimtuipui. Flowers with varied hues and scents will bring smile on the faces of the tourists as the peak is world famous for the flowers like orchids and rhododendrons. Butterflies of different species can also be witnessed.

Sibuta Lung : A historic memory of the state, Sibuta Lung is the old stone which was laid around 300 years ago by a Palian Chief. The stone, situated 20 kilometers away from a village named Tachhip, carries an old tale of an orphan Sibuta who was adopted by the Chief. This is the reason behind the name of this stone. The love and the feelings of revenge by Sibuta are believed to be the reasons of why this stone was pulled from the river bank of the river Tlawng. Aizawl is the nearest big station which connects the tourists with this must watch tourist destination of Mizoram.

Phulpui grave : The place which can be best visited throughout the year due to the pleasant and even weather, Phulpui grave too holds a historic story behind its creation and the reason why it is a must visit site for the visitors visiting Mizoram. The great and legendry love story of the Talvungi, the beauty who was married to the Chief of the village Phulpui is cited and remembered even today. Her previous husband, deeply in love with her, made his own grave near the grave of Talvungi. These two graves are now a tourist’s attraction.

Memorial of Chhingpui : This attraction of Mizoram is a memorial stone which was built as a tribute to a beautiful young lady named Chhingpui, as the name indicates. It is located in between the villages of Baktawng and Chhingchhip. Depicting the everlasting tale of love and sacrifice, the place is of prime importance for the village people as it is the epitome of sacrifice made by Chhingpui who was killed by the rival village Chief and his husband who committed suicide after the death of his loving wife. Till today the villagers express grief on their death anniversaries and this is the most remembered love story of the state.

Tomb of Vanhimailian : This tomb boasts of its beautiful architecture and is a legacy behind Vainhimailian Salio, the great Chief who ruled over the region of Champhai. It is 194 kilometers away from Aizawl.


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