5 Famous Tourist Destinations in Orissa / Odisha

India Travelers Must Travel to Orissa / Odisha . Odisha situated in the eastern coast of India. One can enjoy the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, a rich cultural heritage of our old world, bounties of nature, unspoiled beaches, exotic handicrafts, extensive lakes, lush green forests, teeming wildlife, fascinating monuments, traditional tribes, most colorful and awesome fairs and festivals, dazzling music and dances. Let us know more about some famous destinations in Orissa, which are as follows:

Jagannatha Temple: One of the Char Dhams of India, Jagannatha Temple is the most famous temple that is situated in Puri. Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra are the main deities that are worshipped and offered prayers by the devotees in this temple. The height of this pilgrimage is 214 feet making it one of the tallest temple structures all over in India. Talking about the architecture of this temple, then the temple best reflects the architecture of the Kalinga temple. Rath Yatra that is annually held is celebrated no less than a festival in this temple. At the time of Rath Yatra, the idols of all the three deities are carried in three big and huge decorated chariots proceeding towards the Gundicha Mandir that is 3 km far from the Jagannatha Temple. It is believed by the people that just a glimpse of the gods in their chariots can prove to be very auspicious for all.

Chilka Lake: Situated at the eastern coast of Orissa, Chilka Lake is spread over an area of 1,00 sq km tagging it as the largest lake in Asia. Mahanadi River is the only source that directly drains into this lake. Famous as a picnic spot, Chilka Lake offers many options to the tourists like boating, fishing and bird watching. Those, who look forward to relaxing and sun bath in a silent atmosphere, Chilka Lake would definitely serve you best because this lake is located far away from the hustle bustle of the city. Serving the tourists best in the season of winters as well, Chilka Lake can also be enjoyed as a bird sanctuary as a wide variety of migratory birds can be seen here. The glittering view of the Chilka Lake, the charming humming of the birds and the calmness in the atmosphere best attracts a huge population of tourists to this destination each year.

Konark Archaeological Museum: This museum is located on the Northern side of the Sun temple (the famous temple in Konark). One can see a large variety of antiques in this museum. The four galleries of this museum exhibit around 260 antiquities in total. Most of the sculptures present in this museum are retrieved from the famous sun temple. The variety of sculptures include sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, stone sculptures portraying wedding scenes, incarnations of Lord Vishnu, carvings of flora and fauna on stones, celestial nymphs, images of Sun God, Narayana, Gaja-Vyala, a roaring lion, king enjoying dance performance, salabhanjikas, swans with garlands, etc.

Ekamra Haat: This market is the perfect hub for the tourists as it is flourished with most fascinating stuff with Oriya touch. This aesthetically designed market best enables a tourist to perfectly browse through the most ethnic handlooms and handicrafts. The attractive terracotta sculptures that are decorated on the walls in this market add a glorious look to same.

OrrisaA tourist to the beautiful Orissa will definitely end up his/her vacation with so many unforgettable memories and treasures in his/her kitty. Even today, the city remains partially unexplored; so there’s a lot more to reveal this vacation!!


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