Top 5 Travel Destinations in Goa

Goa is The Lisbon of the East. Goa , one of the most cosmopolitan states of India is blessed with abundant natural beauty. A former Portugal colony, Goa showcases the mystic blend of scenic nature and vibrant life style. Many of the foreign travelers have showered several adjectives of praise upon this place. While some call it as the Rome of the East others are of the view that it is the Lisbon of India. Though popularly famous for its sandy beaches, lush green patches of palm and coconut trees and vibrant life style, Goa has treasured something for every tourist. In this article, we will focus upon some of the most appealing Famous tourist destinations in Goa.

Anjuna Beach : It is the paradise for the tourists who love the limitless sea and sandy beaches. Located near Chapora Fort, the major attraction of this beach is Albuquerque Mansion. This mansion is flanked by several octagonal towers and was built in the year 1920. This mansion was the second home for Hippies during the 60s and 70s. Apart from beach, other attractions of this place are of this place are Flea market of every Wednesday and Sunday night Bazaars during non-monsoon days.

Calangute Beach : Calangute Beach is another must visit travel destination in Goa. Popularly called as the Queen of Beaches, this beach is famous for its cacophony, flock of Indian tourists in large numbers, souvenirs and facilities for different types of water sports. There are several night clubs situated in proximity of this beach where you can indulge in spending some quality time. Along with, for food-lovers, the restaurants near the beach are spectacular.

Dudhsagar Falls : Once in Goa, never miss the chance to visit Dudhsagar Falls, one of the highest falls of India. Surrounded by blissful greenery , visit to this 600 feet fall will enable you to rediscover the beauty of nature in a redefined manner. Beneath the fall, you will find several pools which are ideal for swimming or taking a bath. For tourists who love adventure can climb up to the origin of the fall by passing through a mountainous path and bushes. It will take couple of hours to reach at the top of the fall.

Panaji / Panaji : It is the capital city of Goa and one of the most popular travel destinations in Goa. Located at the banks of Mandovi River, you can find tranquility and unhurriedness in this typical Goan city unlike other capital cities of India. Here, you can visit several architectural splendors of Portuguese style. Whitewashed buildings with balconies of wrought iron in both sides of the road offer the city a fantastic view. There is a church in the heart of the city like other typical Goan Towns. It is am ideal place to interact with natives of Goa and to know more about their life style.

Mesuems and art galleries : Goa is not for the beach lovers and night birds only. Mesuems and art galerries also contribute significantly towards the Goan culture. Such tourist destinations in Goa are Goa State Museum, Houses of Goa, Xavier Xandev Museum (famous Christian art gallery), Pilar Seminary Museum, Bom Jesus Basilica (a gallery of Modern art) and Ashvek Vintage World (for vintage car lovers).

This is not the complete list of travel destinations in Goa. You can submerge your senses with new vigor and energy at Dona Paula, Fort Aguada, Calangute, turtle beach Agonda, Old Goa and typical Goan villages.


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