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There is a political story for every era in India that youth today needs to be told about , which are rather stories of political persistence and adaptation. Indian media is negative about politics all the time, or at least, most of the times. There is always another version which is positive about the politics in India. Politics preserve the most dynamic position of Indian sovereignty through democratic processes. The political system in India has seen many phases through various establishments only to set its path on the right track. Often, we may use negative impressions of the system.

Youth social media

The system is what and where all of us belong to and it’s our collective responsibility to share the success and the blame. The system can never be wrong especially when it is built over the years through progressive leaderships and successive governments. There are bad elements in politics which are to be rooted out time and again. This understanding is important when we are analyzing the importance of social media to the politics or politicians of today. There cannot be any other expression other than appreciation to the leaders and political parties who are open to interact with us, the people through a social media platform. Social media as in the case of the world across is gaining strong momentum in our country as well. The reorganization and attention that social media can offer cannot be negated by any other means or medium that is prevalent today.

Youth today is finding social media even more attractive for the kind of features it has to offer through speedy and efficient connectivity to the global affairs, besides the social content with their friends and families. Fortunately, social media is gaining its credibility as a responsible media that can be evaluated as it provides open platforms for discussion, debate and discourse. There are genuine political leaders across the party lines that are using the social platform or media to make their position clear on certain issues that are important to our nation. They are open for criticism even as they respond with a sense of responsibility and wit at times. There are also unfortunate situations where certain political outfits find the response from the general users, especially the youth is more critical about their approach to certain issues.

There may be incidents that have touched upon the sensitivities and ideologies of some fundamental groups and political leaderships. Such events need to be dealt with in isolation with amicable solutions. The best use of the media is always found through its appreciation and critical analysis through subjective involvement from all the sections and stakeholders of our independent society. While we applaud the positive application of the social media by our political class, we need to evaluate any attempt that curbs criticism that can be constructive by all means.

There has to be a balanced approach adapted to screen and censor the social media with largely agreed terms and protocols. It’s a welcome move that political parties are getting accustomed with the growing trend, there has to be more maturity to keep the discourse more relevant and youth friendly.         

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