Youth role in society; is it relevant?

India unfortunately has been making a deliberate attempt not to become one such developed nations for reasons that have no explanation. Our very existence as a largest democracy shall give us the leverage to unleash a lot of potential and showcase ourselves as the leading nation and society to the rest of the growing world. We can be a reckoning force for the third world countries that are way behind the process of development. Indian youth’s role in society has a greater place in making our people and leadership cautious and work towards removing India from the list of developing countries and be part of the privileged league of the developed nations. Being part of the developed nations is as desirable and as hard earned status. It cannot happen overnight or through routine and amazing speeches that are delivered by our leadership during public ceremonies.

There has to be deliberate will and determination in all the sections of our society to be focused on our common objective. We need to bring our long lasting dream into a one time reality without any delay or reasoning. We are now living in times that are more favorable to the country to be adopted as a role model in the Asian region by the developed countries that are working towards peace and harmony. In our region, most of the third world nations are found to be disturbed due to the political instability. World superpowers are looking for alignment opportunities with India, considering our internal strengths and political stability compared to our neighbouring countries. To be recognized as a developed nation would mean a lot of leadership control for us in the region, keeping ahead of our neighbouring states that are formed almost at the same time of our nation’s formation. We have done well in a lot of aspects in maintaining peace and secular standards given to us by the constitution through the process of democracy. We have also responded well to the challenges like infighting, internal security, inequality and lack of optimal resource utilization. The point here is our efforts at present cannot help us to really surge into the bigger league, we need to do much more to be in the privileged ranks.

 The youth role in the society has to be more matured and responsible. We need to look at the challenge of growing polarized opinions which are both politically and administratively troublesome. Our prerogative is to address issues in a very optimistic and subjective manner, keeping all the sections of our people in mind. Our youth leadership in politics should be more proactive to eliminate the older through a process which is regressive and at times anti-national. We need to respond to the growing challenges of cultural terrorism and internal security threats so as to create a nation which is simply focused on growth and development, maintaining the integrity and sovereignty of our country.

India has been on the radar or verge of becoming a developed nation owing to its natural and human resources for many decades. Our country has all the potential to be recognized globally and surpass all standards that are desired by a country to be called developed. We owe it to our youth!!

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