Youth politics in India amidst the crowing social media trends

The social media is the new age media which has its impact on many fields including business, technology and even politics. Internationally the social media is being widely used by the political establishments that are aspiring and want to connect with the people. The fact around the social media’s connect with the politics revolve around the idea of politics are all about people and political leaders should be able to connect with people from the medium that is more popular among the people. The growing impact of the social media is also forcing certain political establishments that are conventional, conservative and with old time impressions. There are several reasons and impact factors that are linked with politics and social media Networks, which are directly affecting youth politics in India.

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The youth politics have always been on the verge of dilemma in India. Youth in politics and their affiliation to the politics has been limited due to various factors that are responsible for the decision making. The present generation youth of our country is well informed, well educated and aspiring for great opportunities. The opportunities that are available for our youth are more rewarding with many options to go abroad and work for companies that are highly reputed in many aspects. But, the presence of youth in the political scenario is most desired and on demand as the future of our country is only hopeful on the involvement of our youth in many aspects of governance.

As the growing gap is widening between the political class and the aspiring youth, there has been a threat of India’s youth staying out of focus. The point to be remembered during the deliberations about the youth’s interest in politics and the country, they are more passionate about the country and their society. The challenge that is always known to be genuine is that they need to see politics worthwhile their time and efforts when compared with other career options. The other limitation is the absence of opportunities for the aspiring youth with a lot of passion for politics. There are few open doors that are being captured by the dynasty politics in India. The good news in this situation has been granted by the social media. The social media in India has done a great service for the youth and deteriorating politics. Our country’s political scenario has been under threat for the lack of accountability. Youth should make use of the social media to bring out many issues that are not in the public domain. Social media is one of the great solutions against issues like corruption, fraud and favoritism.

Social media has come with the promise of demanding accountability as the political sections also realize the importance of staying connected to the public through the social media. Once on the common platform, they need to answer the challenges that are coming out of the aspirations of our citizens. The social media’s impact has been really great and sensitive on politics in India to a great extent.

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