Youth must Volunteer for a Better India

Though volunteering seems to be a new concept in our country because of the terminology which was not used in the right context or right situations of our lifestyle. If we have missed volunteering as students, our young professional days can be effectively put to use with right kind of understanding and sense of direction.

Understanding volunteering according to Indian culture  

Volunteering is a genuine and selfless effort towards some issue or an aspect of social life which helps in a positive progress in our society. It can be issues based or seasonal or even directed by any agenda; volunteering on the whole is giving one’s efforts without expecting monitory benefits, but is to be composed with the fruitful and fulfilling experience.

volunteer-for-india-youth copyVolunteering as a practice can be initiated right from our childhood days. Whether or not we are consciously aware of the activity, we all have been volunteering to build a smart and responsible society in some way or the other. European and America education has formal modules on volunteering where students like us are given exposure to volunteering in a formal way. We can have the same practice adopted in our country too, may be in a more realistic way to suit our country’s culture and sensitivities.

Even in our India, during our school and college days we were motivated to enroll ourselves in several extracurricular programs which are otherwise called as value based academic programs. These programs can often be treated under volunteering in a very broad spectrum. Our students enroll in programs like the NCC, NSS and Community Service programs which also have some consideration in the grading system. Under these programs our students do work for certain projects which are classified under community welfare, healthcare awareness, ecological sustenance, educational awareness and rural development programs. These are few aspect of interest under volunteering. Thanks to our education system that has motivated us to behave responsibly towards fellow citizens and common universal good.

Volunteering for India as young professionals  

Our prime of youth begins when we are out of campus and find various professional careers. Many corporate houses offer opportunity to volunteer for many causes through their corporate social responsibility programs. We can be active partners in such programs and contribute during our free or leisure time to help our society grow for good.

Issues that requires volunteering efforts.            

Poverty – We all can help eradicate poverty which has been considered a perennial problem. To be truthful to ourselves, poverty can be eradicated from our country in a few years with right determinations. We, as responsible youth of this country can strategically join hands with NGOs working for this specific cause and help achieving a prosperous India.

Ecology – Preserving our environment and ecology is as important to ensure our country remains green and pollution free. Our volunteering partnership with organizations like World Wide Fund for Nature and Green Peace can ensure we preserve the future for our next generations.

Politics & Finance – Being associated with political formation is as good as our contribution to the society and our country. We can put in our efforts to achieve clean politics and good governance. There are many NGOs operating in finance sectors that help funding small scale businesses. We can partner with them to help our brothers and sisters to find better lives through steady income.

Volunteering is a commitment which gives more pleasure and satisfaction as much as we involve with. We as young men and women can build better hope for the future through our volunteering efforts.

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