Youth Migration in India

Our country has been going through some of the toughest and the most exciting times of all time in the history of independence. One of the greatest indications that can be ever found is the surging involvement of our youth in various aspects like politics, business and administration which are the key and unique factors that drive growth and development. However, the youth migration in India needs to be looked at through a cautious angle which is a very significant trend in the growing economy.

Youth MigrationOur economy needs to be given a special attention as it has all the potential to stay progressive and create growth which is not only sustainable, but also inclusive to benefit larger sections of our society. Our nation is such a diversified society that poses multiple challenges which are cultural and pragmatic many times. Amidst these challenges, our youth tends to get more vulnerable to look at opportunities that are more encouraging. Most often, these opportunities are found in developed nations like American and European countries. Youth migration in India towards these matured and progressive economies can be understood given the temperament and aspirations are considered. Added to the aspirations, there is a lot of peer pressure that is making the youth of our country susceptible and vulnerable towards education and career search abroad. When such scenario exists, it is an indication of the negative impact on our growing economy. The solution lies in motivating more indigenous talents to look after the interests of our own nation. It’s our responsibility to take forward the Indian agenda of growth and development which is not an alien agenda; rather our own prerogative. While we can be very optimistic and positive about the possible exposure, our youth can get through careers abroad, we also need to be concerned about the talents that are being washed out towards countries that are not in such a demand for those talents. There are some other reasons for the migration of our youth in the name of careers.

We have many young generation men and women who are affectionate and passionate about the inclusive growth and development of our own country. We want to see India grow in its potential and capabilities to be able to scale up to the standards of the global superpower. However, we need to get away with the de-motivating factors that are holding our youth back from being participative in the growth story of our India. It’s our objective to orient the youth against the political and sociological imbalances that are prudent and dominant against our national interests. We need to essentially build a society which is tolerant and believes in equal opportunities if we are keen to find solutions for our migrating talents.

Our youth is the most aspiring of all the generations that have ever existed in the past. We represent a society that has seen the pros and cons of the developing economy and motivating its upcoming generations to stay abreast with the global competition. We also need to catch up with the trends that are highly proactive and are capable to be called the growth drivers in the growing economy.

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