Youth leadership can Change India

Today, the political parties in India have been looking for various opportunities to have the young leadership on board to project themselves as futuristic parties. The youth presence in the politics may create a positive impression to the public as the public perception is positive and there is some inclination for change towards young leadership. The youth leadership is proving to be successful and efficient in many areas that have been witnessed. When given an opportunity, the younger leaders are sensitive enough to relate to the prevailing issues and concerns of the people.

Youth leadership indiaOur country had a tough past in terms of wars, famines, climate change, economic instability and a host of cultural issues. Now, the youth in the political scenario represents the changing trends and approach to these problems. Many of the youth leaders might not have seen the origin and development of these problems, but are victims of these issues. Examples like Kashmir crisis are just to quote for instance. There are several such problems including the border disputes with neighbouring China and lack of military capabilities to combat war threats like nuclear war and much to add on. The point to be noted is that the persistent problems have been looked at by the younger generation with a perspective that varies from people to people. There might be a greater advantage in letting the younger generation deal with some of these unsolved issues across the boarders and with the neighbours. We also have a threat of a civil war with the extremist groups within the country taking arms against the sovereignty of our country. They are adapting to violent measures that are totally against the philosophy and fundamentals of our nationhood. We shall not forget that all these groups that are engaging themselves in fighting are our own people.

We need to figure out new ways and means to combat these issues that are a threat to our society. Our country can never be able to deal with the after effects of a civil war in the sense the focus on growth and development will be shifted to the rehab and restoration processes. The economic impact would also be very challenging in terms of sustenance. The answers lie in the youth leadership that can effectively lead us through new focus, approach and aggression. Our young generation shall be oriented towards taking up challenging roles in the field of energy research, atomic innovations and defense positions to protect the well being and sovereignty of our proud nation. We advocate for peace and should also be prepared with defensive strategies to answer any threat we may anticipate.

There are plenty of issues that are to be sorted out through political consensus. Young India also needs to innovate to resolve some of the persisting issues that have been carried forward for many generations and decades in the past. The past has not been so vibrant and dynamic for our country which had to face many socio-political challenges from the time of separation and independence.

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