Youth Interest in Politics

The youth interest in politics, especially of the present generation is completely laudable. The new generation has taken the new media revolution that has forced the political establishments to look at ways and means to find connect with the youth of today. There is a greater sense of optimism among the existing criticism about the politics in India. Though they are aware of the challenges and limitations of being in politics and the political establishments, there is a growing charisma over the possible impact that youth politics can create for the future in a positive way. Politics is the way of life in democracy and good politics is the way forward for our democratic country. Good politics can be achieved by good leadership that can be offered by the involvement of youth in India. There are considerations to be looked at apart from the enthusiasm and excitement. Our youth should look at the best time to enter politics in a smarter way.

The presence of youth in the social media like facebook and twitter is really adding up to the excitement they display with a great sense of responsibility. There are constructive discussions and debates happening online where the youth interest in politics is witnessed through their involvement. There are commendable professionals among the youth of India who are taking time to create awareness among the youth and upcoming generations about the issues we are facing in India. Our youth is not only talking about the challenges, but also finding effective solutions for each one of them. There are many informative blogs that are dedicated to politics that not only share the information, but also help people to be aware of the political scenarios and their impact on them. There can be no better time for youth politics than the present time with the social presence that is politically motivated. There are many reasons to celebrate in anticipation that the younger generation will be taking the charge into politics.

Apart from the involvement in the social media and other online forums which are helping the public in many ways, our youth interest in politics has been extended to active involvement in politics. They are joining civil-social groups and movements which are bringing out credible points revolving around the public issues. Youth of today is deeply concerned about the society and its direction in the future. It can be no means where we lose the opportunity of being on the top and recognized for being the best in many ways as a nation when youth earnestly involve in the political activities in our country. If there are many such youth groups and organizations that are influencing the general trend of politics by creating avenues for many new people to join politics, the growth direction of our country will be positive and progressive.

We need our younger generation to set the agenda for future by mobilizing, motivating and involving people from different walks of life as a part of the democratic process and the much anticipated growth story of India.

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