Youth economic empowerment VS corruption in India

The corruption in India has grown to its tallest heights which can only come down from those shattering state of affairs which have kept our India from growing. Corruption has been the top most challenges faced by the society if India which has its greatest roots deeply into the political and bureaucratic classes. If we analyze many other challenges that have taken our country to the back foot in growth and development, those issues did not have the kind of interest and involvement from the political and bureaucratic classes. Issues like the caste system and women empowerment have been dealt with some efficiency if not complete determination as there are no political interests.

The truth is that the decision making is becoming such an expensive thing where the people who are responsible for taking decisions or sanction tenders and projects are vulnerable to be corrupt. The third important class apart from the political and bureaucratic classes in India is the business class which is often referred as the corporate class in our country. The business class along with the other significant classes can be responsible for Indian youth’s economic empowerment which is unfortunately not the case. Our leadership at every level has been making our youth deprived of a lot of privileges that could have empowered them. It’s time for our youth to realize their privileges and fight against the corruption in a very futuristic manner for the benefit of the forthcoming generations and our country. If corruption doesn’t exist poverty may also be a history in India which is possible for our generation to achieve in a manner the next generation talk about corruption and poverty as part of the history that have no bearing on their lifestyle. Corruption is a curse to the nation and can be abolished with determination.

Youth economic empowerment has its direction relation and application with the corruption. Our youth as their primary objective has to realize the ill effects of corruption and should stay very careful from falling trap in to it. Making money through corrupt ways may look easier, but it is done at the cost of many deserving and underprivileged people who are our own brotherhood. Keeping the legal aspects aside, we need to look at this issue from an ethical point of view. Our country can never reach the progressive edge with corruption around which can impact our own family and friends. We should make a conscience decision not to practice corrupt measures if we have any respect for our country and its countrymen. After we are genuine at our end, we should earnestly fight the corrupt practices at every level in the country. We can make the most of the media revolution which is vigilant to keep track of the corrupt officials and revolutionize our society against corruption. We must also take up challenging roles within the system to set role models and stand against corruption.

Corruption free society and country shall become the dream of every growing lad in our country which is not a tough reality either.

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