Youth Agenda to Enrich the Great Indian Story

Youth in India can be associated with the dreams that are achievable and such achievements are not far away. The youth agenda for our India is very realistic and proactive. Indian youth can be completely linked to the growth agenda of our country without any reservation or second level thinking. If the idea of growth and development is relevant in our country, it can be given its credits to the youth of this country who have been fighting all odds to make it to the top in the international platform. Globally, Indian youth has been spoken about for showing the model to the rest of the world to stay focused and achieve the set objectives without any deviation. What the Indian youth is fighting is as shallow as vacuum, yet there is no sense of complacency and ignorance among the leaders as many youth groups are setting the developmental agenda for the country.

Our young men and women have always stepped forward in addressing the national level challenges irrespective of the returns they may anticipate. It’s actually time for the youth groups to precisely set their agenda clearly and implement with the help and government and social entities. They are to be assured of their rewards that come along their painstaking work supported by innovation. Our youth is the backbone for our future economy, global presence and political stability. The agenda that we set before us would cover all these futuristic aspects in a very comprehensive manner.

Youth agenda India

The primary issue to be dealt with that is on top of the youth agenda is to create a society that is responsible. It can be debated, but there is a great sense of disconnect among the general public because of various issues that are genuine or may not be so genuine. It’s a great challenge before the youth of our nation to inspire the future generations to stay connected with the national scenario and express the spirit of belongingness. It’s a society that can be built by the people and we the people are precisely required to firmly stand by the national interest. Once the unity is achieved, together as a society we can work towards measure of reforms and innovative processes of governance and administration. Technology applications are to be put to utility in simplifying public interaction mechanism where the administrative reforms can come to play. Our society can be created with a new spirit of compliance to the law of the land with each of us owes to stay accountable to the growth path that we have set before ourselves. We have many progressive industries like infrastructure, IT, retail and real estate that are leading the world by example and, we the young India should perceive every single challenge.

The youth of our country shall also be remembered for being the agents of change. They set the catalyst effect which propels the governments of any time and location to tremble and set their focus back on the future of the country. They have been very responsible in situations that are critical and tough which require national level attention.

Image Courtesy : Vinsagar

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