What India HAVE, what India doesn’t have & what India CAN have

CWG, 2G, Coal Gate, Stamp Paper and the list goes on, Yet India is shining, rising like never before. News now a days saddens me but at the same time fills me up with a hope, hope that we are by far one of the most resourceful nation around the globe, no wonder Countries like USA, China try to masquerade as a friend, (being well aware that the day our Politics is reformed will be the day, that the reverse count for India being a Global Superpower will tick off).

Lets have a closer look at what India have:

1. 130 Pair of Hands to contribute (& they know it well, perhaps that is exactly why they denounce it as overpopulation so as to keep our mindset in a way that it always interprets it as a shortcoming than as an opportunity to tap)

2. Middle Class Generation inculcated the value of Hardwork right from their birth, In MY Opinion, the first and the foremost reason behind India’s Success at global scale, be it Inundating the NASA(as staff members), or be it Being top Engineers & Coders at IT Giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. We are subconsciously programmed to slog hard to achieve whatever we ever desire, (for the majority) our parents (bribe) reward us with our materialistic wishes ONLY once we give them the result they aspire and thus we learn that Hardwork always fruits results. While USA Culture makes it obligatory for parents to provide their wards with iPods during school, Cars during college, and more often than not this leads to untimely distraction since these result in quicker access to physical gratification with the opposite sex(the more endowed flaunts his resources & is usually successful in impressing her/him) and according to Sigmund Frued ‘Sex is the basic and the most primitive of human desires’ & I add, once exposed to this, it takes a great deal of resolve to balance the Academics & Pleasure.

3. Regional Diversity, Cultural heritage, religions- as cliched as it might sound, but upon closer observation you would realize that each one of them has played a subtle role in taking India to where it is from where it was just 7 decades ago, in South you have excellent Communication skills, Strict Discipline (even if the parents aren’t from army background) and an impressive literacy rate, In North you have the agriculture the backbone of the country, In East we have scenic beauties beyond human imagination, matriarchal society, and many Olympic level talents. While in west we have Rajasthan famous for its unparalleled food diversity and flavour. Glass half full approach/outlook gives us innumerable reasons to rejoice and cherish the scope we have that we failed to envisage in the past.

What India don’t have is:

1. Loosing connection with the parents, grandparents transforming India into Semi-America and to be honest, America has advanced solely because of Early Independence and opportunity for technological advancement, but how long can you exploit an edge that you had in the past unless you take actions to keep up with it, and here we too in an attempt to imitate the west are losing on our unique identity.

‘If I try to be like them, who would try to be like Me-(Don’t remember the source)’

2. A Generation that had sense of responsibility: In earlier times when there wasn’t much influence of TV, the elder sibling used to grow up sharing the responsibilities of parents while now The MTV Gen. has no sense of responsibility or moral obligation, therefore usually ends up being a superficial snob who is reckless and doesn’t associate himself with the pain of the society, lacking the emotion called empathy.

3. And Ofcourse not even a few conscientious politicians, needless to say, that what India needs the most is a few visionary that don’t get influenced and can resist the snare of under the table benefits. Firstly parents don’t allow their children to enter into this risky & insecure field and secondly even the honest one require significant amount of investment to showcase their honesty and that investment is at personal expense, so this is what has been a stumbling block on route to the socio-economic and political transformation of Our India.

What India CAN Have:

In One word:- EVERYTHING.

With the immense unbridled potential, with the resource surpassing any other country in the world and with maximum %age of Young Age group population, we have all the ingredients at our disposal that are required to dispel all the myths that pervade our mass beliefs. WE ARE THE NEXT BIG THING, We are the U(nited) S(tates) of India.

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