The youth in India; their Mind frame

Young men in our India contribute to the majority of the active population who are engaged in various activities at different levels. They are the hope for our future which can be bright and accelerating with growth and development. At the same time, our young men can also be responsible for times that are bleak and leading to an ambiguous future of our country. The present Youth in India has been very proactive and responsible in being less burden to the country. Though we may say that they do not have a great patriotic mind set to do something great for our nation, they have been behaving responsible in their own way of finding solutions for their families and society that they are immediately connected with. This mind frame can be extended to the national platform as our youth will go the extra mile if only we can make them believe that the country belongs to us. The day the youth of India feels the ownership of our country, the country can be assured of a bright future.

Often, we talk about the bright future and capabilities of our youth. We need to understand the mind frame of our youth in India at the same time. Majority of them have mixed thinking and approach towards the national affairs for many reasons. One of the most dreadful and threatening mind frames that our youth today has is the sense of insecurity. Insecurity curbs the spirit of freedom. They feel they are not wanted or required in the system that is being dominated by the ruling class. There are reasons for insecurity among our young men that include negative impressions of politics, fewer opportunities to excel in careers and fear of being oppressed. If we analyze each of these reasons or aspects of the youthful thinking, we would agree with the fact that the younger generation of today’s India needs more confidence to be imposed. The only solution to get the youth to involve in national agenda is to inspire confidence through transparent politics.

Apart from not having faith in politics, our youth is highly disoriented because of the lack of opportunities. There are fewer opportunities in the rural areas even for education and health care. Adding to that, the fierce competition in the professional sectors is keeping the youth from aspiring to reach positions that they actually deserve. The limitation of opportunities is further fueled by the fear of being suppressed and oppressed which has been experienced in the past in the name of cast, creed, custom, culture, region, religion and everything that is not worth existing as difference. The negative impression about politics is not just a mere impression or an opinion. It is a fact that needs re-evaluation and to be addressed by the matured sections of the society. As long as the youth is not convinced about the politics and processes in India, the sense of skepticism and cynicism will continue. Not only the negative impression, will we lose the best of our talents to companies abroad. It is high time for our politicians to create a positive impact on our countrymen through constructive politics.

Youth in India is a great asset for our future generations. We need to work collectively as a society to achieve a transparent political system that will motivate our younger talents to build our great country.

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