The Power of Youth in India- Making us World’s Superpower

India’s tagline as the developing third world country can soon be changed to the global superpower with the power of youth in India which is more determined than ever before. There was never a time like that of today when our youth is more inspired, more powerful and more determined. These qualities come with the growing opportunities and aspirations. Successive governments and corporate establishments have acknowledged this trend and have been associated with their growth agenda simultaneously with the youth agenda in our country. The youth in turn has a major role to play to keep India on top, making it as a world’s superpower in the near future. There are certain fields that need a lot of focus and targeted approach to stay afresh in our agenda to reach greater heights. There is also an aspect of self sufficiency that will lead our youth to take up the agenda of keeping our country on the top, leaving behind the many odds and challenges. We are closer to be in the race to the superpower status among the other developing countries.

Technology – Technology has seen a progressive growth in the past which is more on the IT and information systems; whereas, our youth has to bring in superior technology applications into every aspect of our growth to promise a comprehensive development agenda. We need technology applications in agriculture, textiles, transportation and every other field that deserves growth at a greater pace.

Space Research – Our superiority can be made more prominent through space research. Super powers claim their authority through their space presence. Space presence would mean greater control on the climate and alternative changes, besides gaining access to the security threats from neighbouring countries. We can establish peace which is our choice but, we need not bow down to threats. Space research can help in finding changing trends and be prepared with the possible threats to the borders as well as to our major metros.

Health Care – the health index is as good as the growth index. The power of youth needs to be extended to top health care achievements where we need to look at greater research facilities and opportunities to create treatment options within our country. We should be able to guide through many other countries through our healthcare innovation.

Good Governance – there can’t be a substitute for good governance if we are to stay in the race to be the super power. Our greatest strengths will be against us if we govern ourselves in a manner which is not appropriate for inclusive growth and development. We need to create systems and processes that can take care of our people in terms of fair and easy access to the governing provisions.  Good governance is also an indicator to empower our people and making them less dependent on the government.

We want to see our future generations being self sufficient as they can focus on pure developmental aspects without caring much about the trivial issues of survival and basic requirements. India can easily become the world’s superpower with the involvement of our youth.

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