The Nation , The Youth and Future of India

Every 2nd day we read articles in magazines, newspapers, Online websites, and if not all, then at-least most of them serve the same old wine in a new bottle.

Most of them saying ‘You have got a great future’ ‘You have to shoulder the responsibility for the next century’ ‘You can bring the change’ etc etc.

Youth and Future of India

BUT Nobody actually tells What YOU Have to do to bring that change, to bring the revolution that everyone keeps talking about. That imminent wave of transformation that would wipe out all the ills of our nation suffering from corruption, widening gap between the rich & Poor, Unemployment severed by unemployable-bility.

Ok lets deal with some of them One by One:-

The FIRST & THE MOST Intractable ‘looking’ problem of the youth is its tendency to fall for a virtual super ideal world, where all the things revolve around Love, Relationships, Sex, Power, Friend Circle, Cool Hanging Out Joints, Movies etc etc.

We all deep within know that these are merely the means to avoid confrontation with the inner self which is well aware of the fact that we are trying to avoid the Road less traveled. The Dreams that we had now seem impractical (Are they really? Or is it that they require a separate amount of time everyday consistently and devotedly?).

How many of you had proclaimed at some point of time that You would like to be a NASA Scientist ‘bade ho ke’? & Now how many of you actually remember what you had been so fond of once? How many of you wanted to be a Doctor but then got carried away with the crowd and Opted Engineering or B.Com Instead? Why just because you heard it is not as easy and not just worth it when most of your peers are opting for something else?

Practically 90% of our childhood dreams that we had so fondly nourished are now at the backseat, rather the bonnet/trunk of our mind, just coz we let our hormones take in-charge and started running for things of materialistic & superficial importance.

& all these happened as a subconscious programming, NOT Our fault since no one could guide us back then, No one knew simply just by watching 2 hours of Television a day would change our thought process and we would start living in a schizophrenic world experiencing the Fiction life vicariously.

‘Girl’ (Guy) as well, we run for that 1 person we believe would complete ourself, BUT honestly we know that isn’t true, it’s more because our neighbour, our schoolmate, our enemy has got 1 so we too need one to flaunt our ‘charisma’ perhaps? & then slowly our goals, dreams, aspirations, ambitions blur fade away, some get wasted away in smoke, or drinking while some become sex maniacs, trying to cover their hollowness in short term flings.

We ridicule NERDS saying they have NO Life, but deep down we are sort of envy coz they have that infectious passion for something, something that gets the approval of our parents, our teachers whom we all used to look upto, so we try to deride them seeking self emotional gratification through that but that feeling is ephemeral, evanescent as soon as it develops.

Remember the Dialogue of the famous Movie?Gangs of Wasseypur-II’

“Hum abhi tak isliye zinda hai kyunki hum Cinema nahi dekhte, Jab tak yaha ka yuva Cinema dekhta rahega tab tak sala ‘C*****A’ banta rahega”

What more do I need to say? (I am quite sure that most of you would laugh saying, how ironic, a movie dialogue saying this about movies) unaware of the fact and picking up lines at their face value.

Half the reason behind Directionlessness and chaos in the minds of today’s youth is this constant multidimensional distractions, it’s like a rubber-band being pulled in all directions, what happens when the limit is reached? ‘SNAP’ and a 22 Year old adult ends up working for some MNC confused and aimless, walking up the career chart as slow as possible just because he was so lost that he couldn’t discover and introspect what he actually wanted to pursue, what he really enjoyed doing, something that could make him forget his dinner.

So we walk like Zombies, moving in herds like sheep being channelized by an invisible shepherd called peer pressure and societal collective perceptions, that labels something as great while another career/profession as demeaning. Leaving the youth suffocated and perplexed driving him to find solace in distractions like those mentioned above.

NOW ARISES the ‘Million Dollar Question’:

What can we do?

I won’t mouth clichés like be responsible, wake up to the nations call, start a crusade against corruption. No Nothing like that.

All I can Suggest/Request/Share with you is, that Do what you really want to do, If you want to smoke Smoke, BUT NOT Because that makes you look cool? Remember why you smoked for the first time in life? Was it curiosity to just try or was it because you thought it is cool or is for adults or for those who can handle it? SO Don’t you think, you fell into a strange psychological trap which has now made a fool out of you?

Same way, for Movies, Hangouts, Relationships, ALMOST Everything is fleeting away, transient as an hourglass ticking by, it seems full  a while ago, but then just with small amount of time it is lacking the contents you thought would stay there forever. It is like constantly refueling your car, knowing that it has a leak somewhere and that would keep draining your energy, time and emotions.

Keeping in mind, EMOTIONS are a Weapon to destroy oneself or to defend oneself, you know how to handle them wisely.

At The End:

The One thing you can do is ‘Handle yourself and the nation will handle itself intrinsically

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