The Desolate Indian Youth – A Story of Expunction

The youth in India today are fighting against large population, poor education, inflation, cut throat competition, loss of values, corruption and unemployment all these have led to a great disillusionment among them. “The unemployment rate at the all India level stood at 3.8 per cent while in rural and urban areas it was 3.4 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.” (as per a recent survey by TOI). Though not so high on paper, it affects the youth more in terms of getting quality jobs. The educated and employed are not necessarily above the poverty line. Many of the young people of today are only able to manage minimum qualifications or work and wages.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the think tank called Edgeryders, made up mainly of young people who were roped in by the European Council to play a game that analyzes the dangers of the present, suggests innovative solutions and also even decides future states policy has come up with some interesting findings about what young people will face in the near future. The research paper brought out by them again in 2012, called Making a Living Reloaded says this : “young people today are adopting an employment model that’s fundamentally different from their parents’; non-linear, portfolio careers may result in precarious jobs, difficulties in changing jobs due to high unemployment, sectorial and geographical (im)mobility, hierarchies that make it difficult to advance in one’s career.” This precariousness is coming increasingly into India too, due to the economic model of development followed by our capitalistic policies, first into the urban sector and then the rural one, where things like geographical immobility and hierarchies of power and money will paralyze rural youth from making progress. One has to think also of psychological issues like fear, despair and the resulting lack of ethics due to no good role models or blueprints.

The solutions are clear. The family needs to be the haven where social values for community progress are passed on. Education has to be such that what the rich get in international schools is made available to the even the poorest child in India. Stalwarts need to come up to fight corruption so that merit remains the option to education and jobs for youth in this country, in private and public sectors. The Nehruvian sharing of sectors has to continue. Child abuse – sexual or exploitative or physical – as well as gender, sexual, caste, class, the differently-able, regional, linguistic, minority or religious biases must be stamped out. The plan for the future must also include ecological and environmental concerns over resources as well as equipping them for life skills needed in and outside India, including technological skills. The burning need of the hour is to make them “causes”-oriented in employment to benefit the country in the long run, where each youth is a participant and a leader and thus feels fulfilled in giving and getting. The demands of the market will not swamp them if they see profit for the community meets individual needs too, and this is their vision.

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