Sports and youth in India

The notion about our nation when it comes to sports is a complete contrast with the idea of being a cricketing nation. We as a nation are identified for being cricketers in spite of having Hockey as our national sport. The sports categories are generally remembered and talked about during the Olympic Games when they happen once in four years. Our youth is so carried away by Cricket which has ignored every other sport which is more entertaining and will have lesser time to spend on a game to complete. Contrary to our country, most of the developed countries have a special agenda for sports and let their players excel in many areas of sports. Sports are always refreshing and are known to have great advantages in terms of physical and emotional fitness. There are hundreds of varieties of sports that include swimming, boxing, tennis, shuttle badminton etc. which are popularly known among people in India. There are umpteen numbers of reasons why sports are not as popular in our country and why eventually we are not a sporting nation.

Sports and Youth in India

In order to become a sporting nation, our society should stop idealizing the cricketers. This should include the media attention which has always been focused on cricket as a game and ignore every other sport. The tradition of following the cricket has started from the British rule where Indians thought this is a very royal game and we can be treated well by connecting ourselves with this. This impression went on to create a mammoth of crazy game that has found favour from all the quarters of the decision makers. Politicians and key decision makers have done enough to develop cricket through world class stadiums and training centres. The media attention and the sponsors have become huge to large which has eventually suppressed all other sports. Sponsors should now start developing other sports, keeping the bigger picture in mind. We need to appreciate our youth in India who are showing an inclination to other sports other than cricket by learning and participating in many national and international events. With the minimum facilities that are available, only through determination, our youth has been progressing and bringing laurels to our country. With the growing hype around the sports, the government of India and other state governments have been focused on creating a healthy atmosphere for the sportsmen and athletes. While this is a welcome move from the various governments, the best is yet to come and it is miles away.

To add to the attention, there are many veteran players who are very handy and helpful for the upcoming players by motivating them and coaching them in the available facilities.

We can become a great sporting nation with consistent focus and determination, added by the motivation from the respective governments. There have been many proud moments in the commonwealth games and Olympics apart from other international platforms where Indian athletes have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These achievements are just to make us sensitive of our actual potential which is immensely great.

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